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The Joys and Sorrow of the Quest for the Video Games

Easter eggs like these can be fun, but most are hidden and you won’t find them playing. I play Writer Hitman 2 You die and you didn’t know you could call Kraken on a map of Sapienza.

Design and Competition

Leaders’ boards and the quest for more have become part of the game, but trophies and the like as we know it today began with Microsoft’s Gamerscore system Xbox 360 in 2005. This was added to Games for Windows in 2007, the same year Valve added success in Steam. The following year, Sony joined the PlayStation Trophies, and a few years later Apple and Google achieved what they did on their gaming consoles. Nintendo is the only major platform with no solution.

Tensions often enhance the game’s life, encouraging players to look beyond the big story, but in the end it’s hard to brag about freedom. And trophy hunters can get lost in the search. Known for his handle on the PlayStation Network, Hakoom, Hakam Karim has been a global leader in collecting PlayStation trophies for a few years now. He has 105,828 trophies at the end, according to PSN history, the most popular front board.

“I sit around 10 to 15 hours every day and play and open trophies,” says Karim. “Say about 90 hours a week or so.”

While there are players with a lot of risks, Karim’s lead is mainly dependent on Platinum trophies (he had 3,188 at the time of writing). To win the Platinum Cup, you must unlock all other trophies in the game. The dolls are given different scores depending on their size: With 15 points Bronze, 30 Silver, 90 Gold, and 300 Platinum (changed from 180 by Sony last year).

Sony does not have a commanding officer, and there is a public debate over who should be at the top. Leaders of PSN TrophyFor example, he listed Roughdawg4 (who does not want to be named) as the current leader has won 110,631 trophies, as well as 3,360 Platinum titles. They hunt for trophies for about 20 to 40 hours a week.

“I’ve had a very early intervention in the days of PS3,” says Roughdawg4. “I’m always the last player to finish winning trophies and doing everything I can in the game just comes naturally to me.” He withdrew from PSN History after a dispute with the owner. “I think they made decisions that were not in line with the page,” he says, before saying that Karim stole other trophies.

Reading about meetings at the trophy search sites, these kinds of complaints are common. People are accused of stealing cups or working as a team in one account, but this is hard to prove.

Eternal Grinding

As with most coveted trophies, many do not have many ideas.

“All of this is an impossible goal, at the very end of the scale,” says Webb. “The best performance or any cup that can be obtained as soon as you start a game is just a waste of air. So there are things that benefit you by dying several times – is it fun or impossible?”

There are also impossible possibilities, such as finishing a game several times, hitting the number one spot in the world, or reaching the impossible part in a game.

“We want the players to feel that they are doing well by finishing strong cups, which is why we try to avoid repetitive or tedious tasks, just as the players only feel when they finish this and relax,” said Timmins. “Making a difficult but fun cup is not easy.”

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