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The JBS butcher paid $ 11 million to his rescuers

With the exception of the Colonial Pipeline, the most recent threat has hit JBS, a butcher who owns one-fourth of all U.S. meat. Last weekend the company he said his work was back on the internet, and now it’s proved to pay “$ 11 million in ransom in response to a robbery charge against them.”

CEO Andre Nogueira said in a statement that “we have seen that the decision should be made to avoid potential risks to our customers.” The obvious information that JBS paid the attackers is also mentioned, as the company said it was trying to “deal with the unforeseen difficulties associated with the show and ensure that nothing was kept.” Talking to Wall Street Journal, The CEO said that even if they do well in the data recovery process, experts cannot guarantee that the attackers will not start again.

As we know now that a large part of the Colonial Pipeline Bitcoin payment was pursued and captured by the feds, there is nothing to say about the similarities, or the consequences, of this.

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