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The Japanese have turned their backs on Olympic athletes as Covid’s worries mount

Japanese cities are scrapping plans to play before the Tokyo Olympic athletes, whose participants have no chance of getting used to it and threatening to disrupt the competition at the world’s largest event.

The surrounding camps are a an important part of preparation for many Olympic athletes, allowing them to train, adapt and connect as a team before moving to the Olympic Village or directly to their racetrack.

But the tightness of the Covid-19 ban – which could work even if athletes received the vaccine – is forcing many towns to ban it, reflecting Japan’s demands. Olympic stage during an epidemic to disrupt the way things are going.

The dangers of heat and humidity in Tokyo this summer means that athletes have to fight if they have not been able to change local conditions quickly, especially if the Covid-19 has prevented them from leaving their home country for a better climate.

Sebastian Coe, President of World Athletics, told a press conference in Tokyo that the athletes admitted they would not have enough time to get used to it.

“In transportation and sports, we know that athletes do not stay in the village for more than a few days. The chances of them being in camps are slim, “he said.

But Coe stressed that the lack of time to get used to the hot and rainy weather would not hamper competition. “Everyone is in the same boat,” he said. “[The athletes]. . . I’d rather be here than just dance. ”

The U.S. anti-graft team has abandoned plans for a pre-Olympic training camp in Chiba state outside Tokyo over concerns, officials say.

Tokyo is still in crisis as Japan struggles to find it Vaccination work off the ground. So far, the country has offered the first vaccination to every third person, and a recent survey shows that 60 percent of the population want the game to end.

Olympic athletes and housewives can enter the country from April 23. Confirmations on the sport have risen as visa, passing Japan’s Covid-19 restrictions, which have barred many visitors from entering the country for more than a year.

However, runners and supervisors going to the game should follow a long list of defenses, including the approval of all travel plans, the continuous testing of Covid-19 and the avoidance of contact with the Japanese people. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action and dismissal.

In many Japanese cities, athletics were a regular part of the camp program. The partnership between the locals and the teams at the Rugby World Cup, which Japan hosted in 2019, is known as one of the games. top tips of this competition.

Guilhem Guirado from France poses with a Japanese fan after studying at Fujiyoshida ahead of the 2019 Rugby World Cup

Guilhem Guirado of France looks at Japanese enthusiast after training at Fujiyoshida ahead of the 2019 Rugby World Cup © Franck Fife / AFP via Getty Pictures

Municipal officials fear that pre-Olympic pilots could use the drugs needed to release vaccines to local people. The city of Izunokuni, southwest of Tokyo, would have hosted the former Mongolian Judo Olympic camp but said plans had been changed.

“They want to do this in June and that will be difficult to do,” said Masaru Kojima, head of the town’s sports department. “It can require PCR every day [polymerase chain reaction] temptation is a complete separation from ordinary people. He added that the town was still hoping to have a camp before the Paralympics in August.

Okuizumo, a remote town in western Japan, is the foundation of field hockey and has invested heavily in the Indian team’s reception area before the Olympic camp. Now it has abandoned those plans.

“We need to prepare a group of athletes, their accommodation and make sure we do not contact local people. It would be very difficult for us to achieve this, “said Katsumi Naase, a town official.

“We expect an exchange between local students and Indian players and it is not possible.”

The city of Kurihara in Miyagi district is set to host a South African men’s hockey team. Instead of giving its co-workers to guide the runners and take the Covid-19 test, the city has decided that it needs the authorities to launch their vaccine. Dismissed the city system.

However, the Nerima ward in Tokyo said it wanted to promote the Danish firing squad as well as the Ecuadorian army, suggesting that some groups have more time to prepare than others. The city of Tokyo has vendors for the Covid-19 test, reducing the pressure on local facilities, said Motoko Usui at the ward office.

“Our difference is that we are part of a hospitality team,” he said. “It’s hard for us to think about removal.”

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