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The Iraqi Prime Minister says he was the target of the drone killings


The Drones seem to be changing lethal weapons. According to CBS News and ReutersThe Prime Minister of Iraq, Mustafa al-Kadhimi, says he survived a drone strike today (November 7th) at his home in the heavily protected Green Zone in Baghdad. The interior ministry said the bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a small airstrip, including a car bomb. Six security guards were injured in the incident, with one officer speaking up Reuters said security found the remains of a small drone at the scene.

Although the Iraqi government has made it clear that it was “too early” to identify the culprits, CBS Sources suspect that the perpetrators were an Iranian pro-military force that has also used methods similar to Erbil International Airport and the US embassy. The militants have blamed al-Kadhimi for injuries sustained in a clash between Iraqi forces and protesters over the loss of part of the October 10 parliamentary vote.

Iraq, the US, Saudi Arabia and Iran have publicly condemned the attacks. Military officials, however, also warned that drone attacks could be false to disrupt the protests.

Terrorism perpetrated by Drone is not an uncommon phenomenon. ISIS, for example, changed the drones on the shelf to healing pipes. However, attacks on political leaders have not stopped. If correct, the Iraqi conspiracy indicates that drone terrorism is entering a new phase – extremists are using robots to hit large targets that are too dangerous to operate using conventional methods.

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