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The image reveals New Views with extras

Snapchat just showed off Extra real extras. The program of new glasses and the fourth part of the show, but the first to have the visual elements. CEO Evan Spiegel unveiled the new glasses at the company’s annual Partner Summit, saying they now have the potential to “stabilize the digital world.”

The glasses have two cameras, four microphones, two stereo speakers and a controller on the touchpad. The artwork is a “dual 3D waveguide display” that allows the wearer to view and interact with AR objects. The glasses also connect directly to Snapchat’s AR Lenses and its Lens Studio tower.

“The display understands what they’re seeing and shows the appropriate Lenses based on what’s around you,” Spiegel said. “Then you can just see the same thing and send it to your friends to discuss everything.”


As , the company seems to be setting up glasses as a tool for manufacturers and not for Snapchat users every day. Spiegel said the company has been testing the glasses with a team of designers and designers. But unlike other Spectacles, new glasses have not been sold – not anymore. Snap printed the form on his page of Spectitions that allows manufacturers who want to use glasses to request pearls, but says “New experiments are not for sale.”

This is not surprising considering that these new frames look much older than previous generations of Spectacles (the latest glasses weigh 134 grams, according to Snap). And the added technology means that the price could be as much as $ 380 Spectacles 3. already available. It also appears that battery life can be complicated, as Spiegel said it could be used for “about 30 minutes at a time.”

Instead, Snap seems to be hoping that Spectacles will promote new types of AR development (and possibly inform future AR glasses). Using Lens Studio, manufacturers can create new AR glass effects and push them directly into the test frames. Nonetheless, the new display is a key component of Snap, which has been rumored to want to integrate its camera platform into electronic devices. We may not know how this will work, but bringing AR in its first glasses will help make this possible.

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