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The image of SpaceX’s Starship SN15 runs just as well


Inet it seems that SpaceX has been able to successfully start the first with the opening of a Starship prototype, SN15 took off Wednesday afternoon and returned to the pad at Boca Chica, TX. It fell on one piece and when the river of life ended, there was still a small methane fire at the bottom, but so far it has not changed.

Elon Musk sent the message “Starship is coming by name” as he prepares for his appearance Saturday Night Live, and river from observers in the area shows that SN15 continues to stand on the pad.

The program of SN11 the car never landed again, while the SN10 crashed shortly before it exploded it reaches very hard and breaks its legs. With an experimental experiment low under his belt, SpaceX has moved very close to its vision of Starships that can be reused on the ISS, The moon, around the Earth and beyond.

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