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The IKEA Modified AR App Makes You Create All Rooms

From there you can set up chairs, shelves, decorations and change the color of the walls, then send your design in 3D and 2D and send it to others for approval or disgrace. These colors can also be added to the ceiling so you can add to the installation. Some of the new features include the ability to interact with objects, such as turning on and on AR lamps, placing objects on top of each other, name the lights on the side board for example.

AR followers can register beta Pano, and those who qualify will receive an email from TestFlight as opportunities become available.

Tommy Campbell, a leading digital producer at SPACE10, says this is all in preparation for the arrival of Apple Glass. “While we have been developing what is currently being used, we have been interested in tools like glass that can use this technology,” he says. “That’s why we have deliberately made a decision to get Studio’s vision as it can be on a mobile phone or as a mirror.

Unfortunately, the app is no longer connected to the IKEA page or the app. So if you are buying a carpet, say, in the IKEA program, and you want to see what it will look like in your room, you will not be able to do this easily. You need to open the Studio and start right away.

Similarly, if you are looking at a sofa, IKEA knows the standards of that sofa, but if you open a measurement tool inside the Studio you should put it on the same dimensions to see if it will fit your space.

Photo: Ikea

This function can be added to the beta section, yes. “Obviously it’s part of the road,” said Fredrik Axén, chief marketing officer at Inter IKEA Systems. “Am I continuing what you see now that will be for sale, or for parts of it? For example, that’s what can happen to room designers.”

SPACE10 and IKEA are also considering combining a 3D scanner on the IKEA page and downloading other AR items online. “Chrome and Safari and Mozilla are both playing around with online experiences,” says Campbell. “Could that be the next tower? Instead of making an iOS or Android app, can we have internet on the Studio that can catch everyone? ”

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