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The identification system is denying employment benefits across the US

A number of recent problems indicate that facial reliability is detrimental to people in times of need. Women’s box reports that there are complaints about at least 21 face-to-face identification IDs used to convince people who want unemployment benefits. People have gone for weeks or months without any benefits when Face Match machines are not sure what they are, and sometimes they have not had the opportunity to get help through video discussions to solve these problems.

Blame Hall of criticized users instead of professionally. Face Match algorithms are “99.9% useful,” he said, and “there was no relationship” between them. skin and sensitivity failure. Hall instead said people do not share selfies properly or do not follow instructions.

Women’s box noticed that some people try three times to pass the check to identify the face, however. The newspaper also reported that the company’s claims that fraudulent transactions have been successful in the past few months, from $ 100 billion to $ 400 billion. While Hall said this would increase “data”, he did not say how his company calculates the losses. It is not known what the real risk is, in other words.

What is happening with the expertise, these developments highlight one of the reasons why state and federal governments expect to do so. border facial recognition. While privacy and security are not problems, they do not seem to be reliable in preventing problems. A 99.9% success rate could still leave a large number of disadvantaged people to account for. Practices like these may need to be very reliable in order to resolve these issues in the future.

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