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The Hubble telescope is recovering from another system failure

NASA is also suffering keep the Hubble Space Telescope moving. Wawaya reports Hubble’s team is slowly relaunching its telescope following a failure to sync several devices that caused it to switch to “safe mode” by the end of October. Engineers re-launched the Advanced Camera for Surveys on November 7, but they need to confirm what happened this week before unlocking any other affected devices.

The crisis began on October 23, when NASA found that the weapons were not receiving communications from Hubble’s control unit. The communication problem lasted for two days, resulting in a sudden suspension. Astronomers’ organization cannot regenerate Hubble – rapid energy and temperature changes shorten the life of the telescope.

This failure is the second in 2021 to trigger a long-term suspension (a pay cut in June prompted NASA to call a “collapse” in July), and it is on top of previous problems. NASA had to restart Hubble gyroscopes in 2018, for example. Rising issues show that the 31-year-old viewer is running out of time, and no Space Shuttle is available as a replacement for hardware is essential.

Astronomers will not be too worried. The James Webb Space Telescope is due to be launched on December 18 and could be Hubble’s spiritual successor, though not directly on the same waves. Hubble is also contributing the obvious to this day. In that sense, Hubble clearly shows that he is ready to go through the motions.

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