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The Hocus Pocus 2 ‘will first be shown on Disney + in 2022


It will not take long for us to find the passage that follows a religious tradition Consider Pocus. Disney will release Consider Pocus 2 on his promotional platform fall 2022. Also, Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker will resume their work as Sanderson Sisters. In the new film, three young women return the witch to the modern Salem location. Why do we realize that Disney is developing alternative strategies?

New Consider Pocus video it’s something Disney has already worked on even before you signed up Disney +. According to the company, the making of the new film is starting this fall, by Anne Fletcher (Numbers 27, Purpose) taking editing work from Adam Shankman (Wedding Planner, A Memorial Journey) for the purpose of resolving disputes. The following will oversee the production along with producers Lynn Harris and lead producers Ralph Winter and David Kirschner.

Consider Pocus 2 then the thing that you can easily see is the fun of Disney +. The original was not commercial or financial when it first appeared in 1993. But thanks to the annual Halloween appearance on the Disney Channel, the movie became a cult. In the ever-changing era, it won’t be any better than what it likes in the 90s.

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