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The headset switch for HTC’s Vive Focus 3 unlocks larger VR, WiFi 6e and more.

HTC has changed its nice but expensive ones Live Focus 3 Sensors looking for business with a larger space, WiFi 6E and much more, the company he announced. The software update comes without Hardware update as HTC “secretly built in 6E needed equipment from Day 1,” wrote in HTC’s largest global tweet, Shen Ye.

The end of WiFi 6E brings “many benefits,” according to Vive. This includes slower deployment and higher bandwidth over VR streaming and less WiFi interference. Various frequencies also allow twice the amount of equipment with their own dedicated mobility. The earphones were already equipped with the required equipment on a scale, “so there is no additional cost to the head owners to use this,” the company said.

Vive has also launched a platform called Location Based Entertainment (LBE), an enterprise that uses the Focus 3 theme. 11,722 square meters). This is the size of four tennis courts, compared to the size of a tennis court, the company said.


On top of more space, you can create borders in any traditional type such as polygon or L-shape. You only have to do this once, because the Focus 3 will “return to a familiar place.” The new facility is designed to accommodate large “VR Arcade, event venues or large learning areas,” according to HTC.

These changes also include Map Sharing, an item that allows accurate location tracking between multiple users in a shared location. Some types of headphones that use external tracking (not inside-out like Focus 3), require “users to carry a PCVR wallet and play in a limited space with the Lighthouse system,” HTC says. With Focus 3, Sharing Map and LBE, “users can run across the field, give each other cover over shooting games or share their different views on escape games,” HTC said.

Others include Visual Odometery (VO) features that allow you to skip the natural setting for 5 minutes, the LBE Hybrid Mode which uses VO and LBE for 6DoF tracking, and the Space Calibrator that allows tools like a tennis racket. to follow correctly. Updates are now available – for more information, see Vive blog post.

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