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The German Greens have lost interest in the election

In a recent televised interview, Annalena Baerbock, Greens’ representative to Germany’s chancellor, came up with a strange idea: raw, curved meat, placed facing her on the interviewer’s desk. Will they eat, he asked, and would Germans still be allowed to eat under the chancellor of Green?

“Everyone can eat what they want in this country,” Baerbock told the Bild Live program with a laugh. “I like to fry. . . though I don’t know that beef would fit my neck. ”

This exchange of humor illustrates the problem of Greens’ portraits. They have been very high in the crowd since then Election of Baerbock was announced in April in the 2021 parliamentary elections.

But many gaffes and controversies are now on the defensive – sometimes even allowing rivals to recreate ideas that the Greens find very difficult to break: Prohibition Party, which translates as a party that likes to ban things.

The question posed by the interrogator was a reminder of one of the eco-party’s distractions in the 2013 parliamentary elections, when the Greens promoted Veggie Day to the office, which sparked outrage among German-loving Germans. He has nine percent of the vote.

Elections in September, which will mark the end of Angela Merkel’s 16-year term as chancellor, the Greens want to do something different.

Show off if change operators, which Research show that the country’s electorate wants – especially climate change principles. Baerbock also accused the Greens of being too small to attract a majority of voters from Merkel in the middle — while the Christian Democrats and the middle-left of the Social Democrats, who are German political leaders.

In the weeks leading up to the election, the Greens surpassed the CDU in voting, sometimes up to 28%. But their votes dropped when Baerbock’s exchanges between the reforms and the recession continued.

Over the past two weeks, the party has made a number of mistakes that, while it does not appear to be taking its toll on the competition, have turned their attention away from the election and highlighted the challenges ahead.

It began with news that Baerbock had failed to inform the President of the Bundestag of some of his findings from the leadership of the Green Party, according to his wishes, until March.

Baerbock apologized for what he called a “stupid mistake,” and, compared to the latest Fraudulent notes on CDU maskl, the amount was small, about € 25,000. For the Germans, it was not about the money, but the Greens failed to live up to their standards.

“Because they put values ​​first in politics, they have now been tested by this standard,” said Peter Matuschek, senior researcher for the Forsa polling agency.

A few days later came a external points he stumbles, when his political partner Robert Habeck travels to Ukraine and says the country needs “self-defense weapons”. This was vehemently denied by the Greens’ military, as well as in opposition to German military policy. He later added that he referred to weapons such as night shields or mine detection equipment.

One of Baerbock’s erroneous tactics was to inform the leading German army, picture, let there be no more long journeys. It means that the flights have to be replaced by the land route. But in a country preoccupied with flights to Mallorca in Spain, a holiday destination, the damage occurred.

A prominent Free Democrats politician, Marco Buschmann, said these were “ancient examples of magic bans for Greens.” CDUs Armin Laschet, his main enemy in the election, said: “It’s whatever they want to do to the masses, they want sanctions.”

The Greens’ main strategy now is to remain silent, said Arne Jungjohann, a researcher at the Heinrich Böll Foundation linked to Green. “Baerbock should show he can heat up.”

Just one month ago, when the Baerbock election brought media coverage, the cover of a newspaper Spiegel showed Baerbock with a smile, hands on his hips, and the title: “This woman is always.” Last week, by contrast, Spiegel ‘The cover featured a Baerbock and Habeck statue, carrying a sunflower – a Greens logo – blown by the wind. “Welcome to the real world,” he said.

Uwe Jun, a political scientist at Trier University, said Greens’ views, which are now four percent behind the CDU at 21.5% recent post Insa, not bad as we have shown. He also said the recent fall of the Greens is expected as soon as the start of Baerbock. “I don’t think their chances of domination in the next alliance are at stake,” he said.

Even so, Greens will be closely monitored to determine if they can rule, said Ursula Münch, director of the Academy for Political Education in Tutzing, Bavaria. Violent attacks will begin on the grounds that it is more difficult to argue than to say that a cottage is allowed.

Münch hopes the Greens will fight the opposition to their idea of ​​a $ 500bn extra job and climate protection.

The Greens want to pay off debt in Germany, but the law is found in the law and requires two-thirds of the legislature and senate to change – which is not possible because of possible elections, when there will not be a majority party.

“They have to admit that they do not know how to make ends meet. That’s why I think so, the problems are just beginning, ”he said.

Regardless of whether the party will move forward, the idea of ​​a candidate for chancellor Green has become a major factor in German elections – whether the voters are Baerbocks, or their opponents.

“There will be some who say, ‘we want and need a change of policy, we want a chancellor of Green,’ and others who say, ‘we want to avoid any chancellor of Green, ignorant,” Münch said. “This is a wonderful place for the Greens. They may say: It all depends on us. ”

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