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The Game Brings Home Aerial Exploration. But He Forsakes All Dangers

Just think of the old pain asteroids on a spacecraft, calculating the amount of speed you can get across a giant planet, managing space hazards, and developing clever and imaginable technologies for rocket launchers and filtering valuable objects. NASA scientists are not the only ones studying such things; with the latest board games, anyone can.

Board games have improved a bit since the Settlers of Catan appeared in the quarterback years ago. Games with aerial themes, in particular, have become more and more popular in recent years, and while some of the new generation games are similar to the old ones, such as Risk or Monopoly in the air, many others are very different. Representative on the most difficult games is indeed Top Top, which released its fourth edition in 2020 and contains additional, or “modules,” to come. It encourages people to play like space agencies like NASA or Roscosmos (or companies like SpaceX) and create faster and faster or faster rockets that bring crews to distant lands, where they need to pump oil and mines to build more rocket weapons. .

Other board games are included Leaving the Earth, of celestial bodies competing in the first space race, SpaceCorp: 2025-2300 AD, of companies that study the interior and the solar system and establish galaxies, and Gaia Project, where biodiversity teams compete to make neighboring planets as they please.

Mu Around Mars, players who work as corporations — some environmentalists and others who do not compete for the reconstruction of the country. They strive to create global warming, improve plant growth, raise carbon dioxide, make water leak out, and rebuild cities. If one day humans try to turn Mars into a virtual reality, while walking without a space suit doesn’t necessarily mean death, the technology they use will probably be the same as expected in the game.

This top-notch game, most of which was released five years ago, really brings the future of space exploration to the coffee table. In doing so, however, they avoid questionable moral issues.

Now the world itself Space exploration beyond our space is taking place, one can paint how all of this can be played in real life. Long-term vision space organizations and billions of space like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos all including space travelers visiting, if not settling down and building, other countries. Humans have returned to the moon within five years or so, thanks to NASA The Artemis program and to Chinese missions and companies such as Blue Origin, Moon Express, and Astrobotic. Using the outer space of the moon as a horizon, it will land on Mars within the next two decades. Digging for water and building materials will come back to haunt us, while going to the celestial bodies and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn can take years, as they are disrupted by long distances from our planet and due to lack of resources. solar power far away from the sun.

Some space sports today include technical and operational challenges, and they bring about real conflicts between global conflicts and globalization. But they do not participate in the massacre, as some experts do they began to argue: I am terraforming good idea? Whose decision should be made, and who should take responsibility for the risks involved? On Earth, the concept of climate change to address climate change is called geoengineering, be argumentative (though one day it may be necessary). But terraforming is very difficult, and there is a good chance it will not work. And as the Gaia Project play shows, terraforming means different things of different kinds, and it can not be simultaneously the presence of guests with different needs. Many planets could not be transformed into an iceberg and a hothouse at the same time.

People are starting to talk about the dangers of danga mines and the difficulties of doing so consistently and without compromising the image of other countries. But who would choose to take over the heavenly bodies themselves? And since they are not self-sufficient, how can they be stable?

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