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The game also focuses on Modern Road Traffic

Road 96 promises the happiness of an open and unexpected approach. Probably free. Probably death. More in between. Walking, driving, and toll booths from the French studio DigixArt, which is coming to an end later this year, instills a spirit of street art, starting with Easy Rider that Thelma and Louise, where exposure to the outside world is strange, life-changing, and potentially deadly.

Yoan Fanise said: “Walking on the road was a great fabric for us to feel the continuous movement.” Street 96’s creative director. “When you walk around like a suitcase you don’t know who you’re going to meet, what’s going to happen, good or bad. It is the beginning of an exciting journey, and one of life’s journey. ”

This encounter with the unknown is the only way the game proves to be suitable for all types of travel. What connects street movies with books, essentials or comics, and how they contribute to their well-being, highlighting cultural harassment and stigma, all where their characters reconnect with each other, and with themselves. Recent street games are doing all of this in a way that is deeply relevant to our time.

Road 96 it is not a mere figment of the imagination. Settling in the dystopian world that connects the ’90s Arizona with the Soviet Union, you play the game of escaping to the border, by any means. Fanise explains that the political aspects of the game are simply important for growth. “We started writing this article three years ago,” he says, “especially inspired by the 1989 ironic history and the crisis in countries like Venezuela or North Korea.

Courtesy of DigixArt Entertainment

As with most travel issues, travel rights violate strict rules and regulations. But there are also signs of rejection and change, as you make self-serving and potentially political decisions. A game-changer event that takes place should be important here, as each re-launch leads to a mixed mix of Road 96characters, including a police officer, a driver, and robbers.

“This is a very new phenomenon in storytelling,” says Fanise. “We producers do not know, even from the beginning, what color you will have and what the process will be.” The release of the game, he explains, alternates between open exploration and car trips as relationships grow. “This creates excellent music and contributes to in-depth discussions about government, politics, and the interactive issues of eight people,” he says. The ones you choose to travel with and the way you connect with them should lead to a variety of things and outcomes.

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