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The G7 was stronger in price than the solid currency

Ever since he was elected US president, Joe Biden has not missed a chance to say “America is backThe key message of the recently concluded G7 summit in Cornwall can be summed up as “the West is back.”

This was the first G7 summit – US, Japan, UK, France, Germany, Canada and Italy – since the plague was won by Donald Trump. But, leaders gathered in Cornwall are shown many desires, the conference leaves big questions about whether the G7’s deployment could match its ideas.

The shipping question hangs on the main topics that the G7 talked about – including vaccination, climate and efforts to establish global weapons against the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative.

On vaccination, the G7 has he promised providing $ 1 billion to developing countries within a year. But this impressive ringing number may be smaller and too late. World Health Organization He said the world needs 11bn vaccine to deal with Covid-19. And a 18-month release would mean more deaths – as well as more time for new vaccines to be eradicated.

Competition with China was the theme of the G7 summit. But the Chinese government needs to promise more vaccines than the G7. However, doubts about power Chinese vaccines could mean that these are mixed benefits.

The G7’s determination to push back against China’s global growth was most evident in the group’s support of the West Belt and Road Initiative to create infrastructure in developing countries. The idea is G7 selection provides high environmental standards and visibility on credit.

It also has to pay a very low price – a point where the G7’s intelligence is vague. Meanwhile, Chinese banks and companies are already carrying out heavy work around the world – such as building a new one capital of Egypt.

Continuing the media with the headlines, there is a deep question of how the West is united in its opposition to Chinese rule. Even on the edge of the G7, it was clear that the language used by the US and Japan was much stronger than the European language.

The four countries invited to join the G7 in Cornwall – particularly India and Australia – are essential to any defense for democracy to take over China. But speaking before the G7 summit, Emmanuel Macron, president of France, stressed the need for European countries to remain “independent of China.” This could be shared by Angela Merkel, German chancellor, and even, to the extent, Boris Johnson. The British prime minister has been described by an angry official from the United States as “still looking for a cake to eat in China.”

The G7 cannot avoid the reality that China’s cooperation is essential to tackling climate change. What the assembled leaders tried to do in Cornwall was to provide leadership around the world. They announced their recent closure plans to pollute the coal-fired power plant – and to protect 30% of the world’s land and seas by 2030. Government information was not clear. But the skepticism remains that effective ways to achieve these goals may not be possible.

After Cornwall, Biden’s next suspension was a Nato summit in Brussels – followed by a meeting with Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president. The G7 intelligence made the point of to order research into the use of chemical weapons on Russian soil – as well as criticizing Russia’s tolerance for the liberation movement that began on its own soil. The hope is that Putin will be impressed by the Western protests and alliances that have been set up in Cornwall and Brussels.

This year’s G7 summit was very different from Trump’s, in which the US President appeared to be more willing to start divisions with his former allies than to show unity. Even Trump-loving Johnson was probably honest when he described Biden as the “fresh air” of the western union.

Putin – as well as Chinese President Xi Jinping – have noted that things have changed for the West, with Trump leaving the White House. But will the leaders of Russia and China be threatened or punished? Probably not.

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