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The Florida governor has signed a state media report to ‘establish’ legislation

In February, Florida Ambassador Ron DeSantis filed the petition , a strategy that required technology companies to “not know” to get rid of politics. Following a successful tour of parliament and senate, DeSantis is now (via ).

In the meantime, the law prohibits companies from banning Florida politicians, by sending a vote to the state Commission adjust up to $ 250,000 per day in removing candidates for public office. It allows all citizens of the state to file a complaint with professional companies if they feel that they have been defrauded. In addition, these companies will need to explain in detail how they can choose to ban. The lawless one is any company that owns a large park or amusement park in the state. Here are some of the ones I found to be interesting: “He’s not obsessed with this.” Governor DeSantis requested the order recently Facebook and Twitter banned President Trump from their platform in January.

Setting aside whether the rule complies with the rules or not, the fact is that of the Communications Decency Act exists. , but in the meantime it protects TV companies from being accountable to consumer systems. And while there is a consensus between Democrats and Republicans that it is time to change this, there has been little disagreement on how to do this.

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