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The first Audio of NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Fly on Mars

The first wise journey was light.
Figure: NASA / JPL-Caltech / ASU / MSSS ( (Fair Use)

The microphone on NASA’s Perseverance rover has been able to produce intelligent sound during helicopter the fourth plane on Mars. It is the first time that a machine on another planet catches the sound of another car.

“This is incredible,” said David Mimoun, director of SuperCam Mars microphone science, at NASA. to release.

Indeed, tests conducted on Earth show that the rover’s microphone “does not hear the sound of a helicopter,” he said, based on the atmosphere around Mars, which is about 1% of the Earth’s surface. Mimoun, professor of planetary science at Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace in France, said his team “had the opportunity to register a helicopter this far,” and that “photography will be our gold mine to understand Martian culture.”

According to NASA, “scientists have developed the term, written in mono, to make it easier to distinguish between 84 helicopter noise, reduce frequencies below 80 hertz and above 90 hertz, and increase the number of remaining signals. Some frequencies were cut to make helicopter noise , which can be very good at flying through a camera. ”In the past, Endurance used the same tool to record a file laser bean noise rock carving.

The endurance was about 80 feet from the helicopter that flew at the time of writing. Now that Ingenuity has finished leaving four well-established and stable, the NASA team is ready to take this test to another level, and aspirations for the future. In the near future, the project will need to go beyond the basics, which are exploring evidence that life already exists. at Jeero Crater, on the back where Mars had a lot of water on top of it.

Details: Watch a video of a Perseverance rover landing on Mars

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