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The filmmakers have criticized Apple’s refusal to provide evidence on compliance with software regulations

Apple seems unwilling to take part in the upcoming meeting Senate is planning to pursue ways to oppose anti-aging programs. Mu seen by This was reported by Apple CEO Tim Cook, Senator Amy Klobuchar and Mike Lee, chairman and head of the Republican executive committee on the Senate Judiciary sub-committee, alleging that the company had abruptly refused to send witnesses within 16 days.

According to the letter, Apple cited “ongoing lawsuits” as the reason for its decision. The company is in the midst of a public lawsuit filed by Epic Games for its content . Klobuchar and Lee go on to say that Apple found ways to get witnesses at the same time. It also cites evidence that the company provided in and while the two countries considered their recent changes to hosting programs, and Cook Cook’s questions were involved how he talked about Epic and the App Store. If Apple does not take part in the hearing, it will be very important because Google has agreed to follow the group.

“Apple’s sudden change in refusal to provide a witness to testify before the Central Competition Committee in April, when the company intends to discuss it in other public courts, is not welcomed,” the letter concludes. We have been in contact with Apple to help with the response, and we will fix the matter when we hear about the company.

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