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The FBI will feed the passwords to confuse them

Am I Rested?, a website that gives you a way to monitor what you have entered into information that has been compromised by data breach, is working with the FBI to expand its database. This agreement gives the page access to password reset issues, based on what the Feds are currently investigating. Troy Hunt, the webmaster, has he announced the agreement, explaining that the FBI asked if there was a way to get the agency “a way to feed confusing passwords in HIBP and manifest them through Pwned Passwords.”

As Hunt pointed out, the FBI is taking part in investigations into all forms of digital crime, such as botnets, ransomware, cybercrime, and terrorism. Fraudulent passwords obtained are often used by the ring, which is why adding passwords to the HIBP database can be very helpful. That said, the site has no way for Feds to quickly feed passwords in its database here.

As a result, Hunt is asking people to help set up a data entry system since HBP opened its foundation. He first he announced to open the source Have I Been Beaten last year to have a better future on this page. Currently, HIBP is an open project under the auspices of the NET Foundation. The hunt has been list what they think of the FBI password ingestion code, if you think you can also help. He said he hoped the “growth of the area could increase in the future” to help other law enforcement agencies deliver their findings.

Bryan A. Vorndran, Assistant Director of the FBI’s Cyber ​​Division, said:

“We are pleased to be partnering with HIBP on this important task of protecting those affected by cybercrime. This is another example of the importance of cooperation between civilians and individuals in the fight against cybercrime.”

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