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The ‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’ fails to deliver on his first promises


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The article contains the critics of the sixth episode of ‘Falcon and the Cold Warrior.’

Conclusion a Falcon is a Winter Soldier had all the action and drama you would expect from the latest Marvel movies. It also showcased a growing number of venues as the Marvel Cinematic Universe expanded. As the end of Years of Ultron introduced us to the “new” Avenger like Scarlet Witch, Vision and Falcon, the sixth installment Disney + The video featured Sam posing for a Captain America and Bucky costume at the closing ceremony, among other things that happened.

However, with the exception of a few exceptions, the event was simply the construction of a yarn made from the same series. Flag Smasher is gone, Zemo is back in prison and John Walker is no longer Captain America. If anyone skipped the series and moved into the next Cap video, they wouldn’t miss it; the last time he saw Sam Wilson, Steve handed him the shield and all that it represented, and Bucky happily supported the decision. What if Sam doubted his choice, handed over the shield, and got very angry with Bucky, and there was another great man who fulfilled that role for a while? Conclusion a Falcon and Winter Soldier Put almost all the characters in the back where they were at the end of Conclusion, and a slight moral growth under the hood. The plots did not change much (except for Sharon Carter).

Eli Adé / Marvel Studios

It has become a curse for transmedia programs that you can’t guarantee your audience will see all of the content. The first video of the X-Files came out in the middle of the six seasons, but the new episodes could not accept that much of it happened in the middle of the season when the movie was still in theaters and not a home movie, meaning there was a large audience. Star Trek movies always come out after their series is over; although there were two manifestations in the air ending of The Next Generation, we haven’t seen any of DS9 or Journey mentioned in TNG video until 2002’s Nemesis. (EMH appears First Introduction not counting, nerds.)

When the Marvel Cinematic Universe first came out, it was as if we were promised something different. The videos build each other up, of course, and assume people should see each of them in an orderly fashion. It was only when the MCU went to the radio that it was as exciting as the transmedia program. SHIELD Contributors shows us how life is a daily life for the average SHIELD, write the gaps between movies and celestial animals… but it didn’t. What we had was a demonstration of the “risk of the week” that parallels the temporary appearance of the people who wrote the B-series and, while the events in other films declined SHIELD Contributors from time to time (as Hydra’s revelation), the show did not affect the videos. If you have never looked SHIELD Contributors, Phil Coulson is still dead to you.


Justin Lubin via Getty Images

With that already in mind, Marvel’s future performances no longer have the illusion of deception. In fact, all Marvel Netflix shows were set up in the MCU and sometimes cover the New York War (from the beginning The avengers), but the scorpions were tied to a corner where they could only associate. Hulu list like The towers, Dress by Dagger and Cord they also have their own space. And, although it was understandable to plot to get all the people on the television to appear in a major battle in Conclusion, Russos decided to let go so as not to disturb the audience (even James D’Arcy’s Jarvis from Minister Carter made a brief cameo already in the film).

The practice of independent storage became clear as various MCU demonstrations were dispersed between the network and the service. But that’s why Disney +’s announcement was so exciting: Not only did Marvel make sure every show and video would stay in one place, but the apps didn’t look at banning licenses that only allowed viewers of a single app or movie. Marvel Disney + movies are said to have brought movie heroes with their budgets to the screen.

Florence Kasumba as Ayo, Sebastian Stan as James Buchanan Barnes

Chuck Zlotnick / Marvel Studios

It has been true so far WandaVision and Falcon and Winter Soldier, which is particularly relevant to players who support from internal video games. No, we did not see Thor or Hulk fighting in the war, but the characters who were once second had many faces, and held high positions in the Marvel Universe. At the very least, it should be so.

If you look at the next slate of Marvel movies, they all look very much at heroes who have never appeared on TV and probably never will: Black Widow, Shang-Chi, Spider-Man, Thor and Captain Marvel. Scarlet Witch is supposed to be made in the next Doctor Strange video, but it still works on its own WandaVision, even star Elizabeth Olsen is said to have not knowing about a video plot while shooting a Disney + show.

Where all the Marvel movies and new shows will be Disney + going forward, it seems that they will be separated for the reason that transmedia has it: You can’t imagine your audience seeing it all. Someone hopes it means that the movies will also be more independent, as we are approaching 30 movies in the franchise and that is too much for a new person to come. If they do not and the shows continue to be isolated, the promise of a universal TV show like its movie counterpart will not be fulfilled.


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