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The Facebook market has 1 billion users


Facebook’s push for social media has begun to pay off. The Facebook market, a service like Craigslist where users buy and sell each other, now has one billion users, Mark Zuckerberg shared with them when the company did this . He also revealed that there are more than a million stores, with more than 250 million users connected to these stores each month. Facebook has created a platform, which allows businesses to create shopping lists on their pages,

Zuckerberg said e-commerce had “become very important” during the coronavirus epidemic. It also helps Facebook find new ways to make money on its services. For example, the CEO said the company allows business owners to purchase Facebook ads that are opened directly to WhatsApp from the WhatsApp Business app. And Instagram is getting ready running their stores on the app.

“We’re making money to support future business ventures,” Zuckerberg said. “We have a long way to go to find a complete business environment for our systems. Modern financial technology will bring in a number of areas where we may have strong offerings such as advertising, team equipment and messaging with areas such as shops and business messaging and payments.”

Facebook warns for 2021 to bring “uncertainty” as the company manages Apple’s crisis , which requires users to agree to follow the ad. CFO Dave Whener said the company now expects the changes to “start to have a problem” next quarter.

So far, the company is doing well. It also reported more than $ 26 billion in revenue, an increase of 48% from last year. It also grew 1.88 billion daily users, although growth in the US – its most lucrative advertising market – remained. Obviously, Facebook’s “other” revenue grew by 146 percent. This section sells on Facebook products, including its Oculus and Portal tools. “Quest 2 is doing better than expected, even after the holiday season is over,” Zuckerberg said.

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