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The EU’s strategic plan is not against the United States, says Vestager

Margrethe Vestager, head of digital policy and competition in the EU, has rejected the notion that its forthcoming Digital Markets Act (DMA) will only benefit modern American companies.

He spoke after The White House warns Brussels that his reaction to his high-profile technical views sent out an unsatisfactory message and pointed out that the EU “does not want to engage the United States faithfully” in the difficulties that come with major technical platforms.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Vestager, who met with President Joe Biden on his visit to Brussels this week, said: [DMA] is not directed at other businesses or other business countries. ”

The DMA introduces new rules on platforms that are known to be old enough to be “gatekeepers”.

“What we have been doing in trying to determine who should be in the area and who should be the gatekeepers, has been related to what is happening in the market,” Vestager said.

He said the bill, which will be debated in parliament in Europe, is focused on the “market” of Big Tech’s small-scale rival.

He also said that the EU’s priorities will help to create more ideas than Silicon Valley’s largest companies: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft. “We have made a significant and significant request for market results,” he said.

Vestager’s comments are seen as Brussels’ way of resolving the EU-US conflict at a time when both sides are seeking to rebuild transatlantic relations after four difficult years under Donald Trump.

But last month Andreas Schwab, Germany’s MEP, who helped run DMA legislation through a European parliament, said US technology companies were “the biggest problem.”

“Let’s look first at the big problems, the big problems. Let’s go to the line – one, two, three, four, five – and maybe six [China’s] Alibaba, ”he said.

The US government has been forced to tighten its grip on EU ideas for Big Tech. Chairpersons of a U.S. trading company recently warned of EU regulations that could “serious injury American technology companies “.

However, despite allegations that the EU unfairly criticizes American companies, the US government has placed Big Tech opponents in top positions. Last week Lina Khan, a US-based liberal rights activist, was elected chair of the Federal Trade Commission.

Individually, the US Embassy has provided five cents that in some areas are much stronger than what Brussels wrote. Observers say the US and the EU face the same dilemma for companies that havevery large careless“.

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