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The EU has opened an illegal investigation into Facebook

As waiting, EU regulators have put in place a mechanism to curb controversy by using Facebook advertising. Supervisors will want to know if a media company has violated competition rules by using the information they receive from advertisers to compete with them in advertising campaigns. Officials have also questioned whether Facebook would align its Craigslist Market with its major violations of EU rules, the European Commission said. to announce.

Much has become a major battleground for European regulators, who seek to eradicate knowledge silos in the industry by promoting the sharing of knowledge in the fields of medicine, agriculture and power. This work has become a major part of the EU Types of Methods which the European Commission revealed in February last year.

Looking at the information groups has also seen regulators compete with other Big Tech companies. For example, Google’s access to health information is a key component of EU research into its Fitbit acquisition last year – a deal that was he was eventually excommunicated in December after a lengthy investigation. Like the newly opened Facebook account, Amazon is no exception he investigated EU regulators for using what they sell to other people to promote their business.

Margrethe Vestager, who took over Big Tech during his tenure as head of competition at EC, warned that “data should not be used in a competitive manner.” In his statement, he said: “Facebook is used by about 3 billion people every month and about 7 million industries advertise on Facebook as a whole … Let’s see if this gives Facebook a chance to compete especially on the online advertising page, where people buy and sell products. every day, and when Facebook competes with data collection companies. “

Besides, Facebook sold Bloomberg to “fully align with this research to show that they do not have the qualifications.” Social networking sites are also experiencing excessive research in Germany, where the EU has stated today that it agrees with Research by competition regulators in the UK use of data for Facebook.

The Competition and Markets Authority, He said today that it monitors Facebook’s online advertising services and its signature form – which allows users to access other apps and platforms using their Facebook credentials – to determine if they can offer them a better chance than their competitors.

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