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The DOJ memo puts the search for redemption in the same way as terrorism

As if the threats of redemption were not so big problem already, in 2021 has disrupted everything from oil pipelines to meat preparation, with a report from Reuters shows how the U.S. Department of Justice is changing its response to this issue. The department head said Reuters that the new method of collecting and tracking information from cases around the country is similar to the type used in national security issues such as terrorism.

The program of Wall Street Journal talked about the existence of a memo that sets out a way to fight redemption and other crimes, and today Gizmodo wrote what he wrote on the three pages. The document outlines the DOJ’s rules on the connection process not only to attacks, but to any infrastructure that enables them to integrate botnet, cryptocurrency exchanges and fraudulent sites.

According to the report, “To ensure that we are able to co-ordinate international and international cases, and to allow us to have a clear picture of the national and economic security risks we face, we must move forward and adhere to them.”

Separately, the report of NBC News says Biden’s administration seeks to disrupt the redemption networks. According to the report, some of the options include “using intelligence agencies to spy on foreign terrorists and plot to tarnish cybercrime in experiments within Russia.” Up to DoJ memo, Reuters journalist Christopher Bing described in a tweet that this relates to investigations and lawsuits. Meat maker JBS USA he announced this evening that “all of its global weapons are in operation again” after the recent eagles, but that does not mean that it is the end of the revolution in the US response to people affected by the liberation.

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