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The DarkSide Rape Hit the Colonial Pipes – and Made an Unclean Message


After redemption attack last weekend, The colonial pipeline and the United States government have been shaken resuscitation work on a pipeline that supplies about half of the East Coast oil. The culprit, according to the FBI, is well known and carefree a redemptive group called DarkSide. And the consequences of their beatings can go beyond what they want.

The colonial pipeline says it hopes to resume operations by the end of the week; meanwhile, the Department of Transportation has released emergency system Sunday to allow the spread of oil on the car. But the real conviction of this attack is also felt in the world of redemption. While a few minorities have been committing fraud for a long time, inclusive serious risks of hospital invasion last fall, observers say what happened to the pipeline could represent a change.

DarkSide was released last August, and has made a name for itself with professionalism and excellence. At the time, it promised not to shoot healthcare people, schools, or businesses that could not afford to pay. A few months later, the group made a list of charitable giving, part of a temporary attempt to preserve its reputation. But as a redemption-as-a-service, DarkSide works best on its affiliate program, lending its ransom and construction costs to customer clients and reducing everything customers get in the offensive. On Monday, under pressure from U.S. lawmakers and the White House itself, DarkSide appeared to be accusing the Colonial Pipeline of its members, and promised to monitor the terrorists involved.

“We are politically active, we do not participate in politics,” DarkSide said on Monday. “Our goal is to make money, not to cause any problems for the people. From today we will introduce the experiment and look for any company that our friends want to hide to avoid future problems.”

The term is a reminder of any industry that promises to make itself as an alternative to government. But even if you take the word DarkSide, the implication is that it is legal to refer to other redemption organizations if they are carefully selected.

Katie Nickels, chief of intelligence at the Red Canary security company, said: “The idea of ​​ransom users choosing the right people to stop is very difficult.” It’s absurd. ”

DarkSide’s well-known promise of self-determination stems from the worry of robbing a hard-core company in the end and causing many people to cross the red line – whether DarkSide or one of its clients actually did this.

“I am not surprised that this happened. It was only a matter of time before there was a major eagle crisis, “says Brett Callow, a risk analyst at the Emsisoft virus company.” They may have lower risks now because they think they will continue to earn money in the long run. ”

Callow and other researchers emphasize, however, that it is difficult to make a real defense in the face of liberation and cyber attacks. Despite repeated appeals to the victims of the ransom, governments have not been quick to address this issue.

“One of the biggest challenges in controlling your use of the Internet is being held accountable for your actions, and you can see that right now,” Nick Canary told Nickels. “There are those who make redemptions, their friends and clients, as well as the countries they care about who are neglecting their actions. Who has the problem Who should stop it?”


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