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The court orders ‘Roblox’ not to leave the platform

A California court has ordered Benjamin Robert Simon to pay $ 150,000 to the creator Roblox, reports Polygon. Ideas for the company Roblox Corporation , accuses YouTuber of harassing his players and repeatedly running his efforts to get him off the platform. At the time, the company initially demanded $ 1.65 million from Simon.

Roblox Corporation’s protests against Simon, better known as Ruben Sim on YouTube, were widespread. The company said it initially banned him Roblox for using profanity and racism, as well as for harassing other actors and posting pictures of Adolf Hitler.

The court ordered Simon not to leave the platform. He has also admitted not to create or publish “false threats of terrorist-related acts Roblox. ” One of the main reasons the actor accused Simon of sending “false and false terrorist threats” that led to the temporary suspension of the 2021 Roblox Developers conference in San Francisco. The company claims to have spent $ 50,000 to investigate the threat and secure the site.

Simon has also been ordered not to come near the company’s offices. In its first complaint, Roblox Corporation accused Simon of making a at the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California, and threatened the perpetrators with violence in their office near San Mateo.

Simon said Polygon he wants to post a video about the complaints on his YouTube channel sometime “in the next few months.” Roblox Corporation declined to comment on the case.

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