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The country’s independent secretary-general set up a victory in Iran

Ebrahim Raisi, the self-proclaimed leader, is expected to win the Iranian presidential election, which will give him the courage to exercise full control over all government departments for almost a decade.

President The two main rivals agreed on Saturday and thanked the 60-year-old Iranian people for believing in him as the beloved of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the prime minister.

Voting results Friday, in which the President clashed with Mohsen Rezaei, the self-styled leader, and the only one who wants to change. Abdolnaser Hemmati, was expected later on Saturday.

The leader’s victory means that the courageous, who won parliamentary elections last year and guided the courts and the military, are now in a strong position since 2013..

The elections took place at a critical time in the Islamic Republic and the region. Biden officials want to address the crisis in the Middle East, who are outraged by Donald Trump’s plan for 2018 to oust the US in a nuclear deal with Iran and impose sanctions on the country.

The president said his government would continue to negotiate with the signatories – UK, France, Germany, Russia and China.

But activists want to discuss for themselves how the second and final term of President Hassan Rouhani’s government ends in August. The election of the President, who has led the trial for the past two years and was appointed by Trump’s administration in 2019 because he targeted a number of government officials, threatens the negotiations.

The 60-year victory also means that Iran will not be able to resume supporting militias throughout the region or will restrict its main program.

President Joe Biden has vowed to rejoin the nuclear deal if Tehran returns in full force. But its rulers are being pressured by US politicians, Israel and Washington, which are participating in Arabia, to take a strong stand on Iran’s support for the military and its missile program.

The President said the principles of housing management are very important. He is facing the daunting task of restoring the economy affected by the sanctions and the coronavirus epidemic, economic woes and deep frustration with the theocratic system among many Iranian people.

The disunity among the people was confirmed by the limited number of presidential elections.

Iranian journalists also said voters voted for the majority. But Iranian reformers expressed their frustration with God’s plan by living in a home where pro-democracy activists described it as disobedience to the government.

The outpouring of sanctions will hamper the acceptance of Iranian leaders who want to claim elections at a time when the gap between the views and policies of the government and the aspirations of young people is growing.

Conservative analysts say the President may be closer to Khamenei’s ideology than Rouhani, who wants to use a nuclear deal to resume west Trump before launching his “major” campaign.

Unlike those who led him, the President will not try to undermine the role of the powerful, ruling Soldiers foreign military operations and directing a lot of wealth at home.

“The President’s record in the courts tells us that he obeys those who are above him but who are too strict for those who are less,” he said.

“Two good years are like a courtesy call. From now on, it is like a marriage in which there are realities and disappointments. ”

The President has said little about foreign views and said he was focused on improving Iran’s industries and reducing Iran’s economic woes.

The Conservatives hope to bring unity into the hands of the authorities after Rouhani’s last term was marred by internal infighting. Trump’s hatred of Iran has prompted courageous activists who have criticized the centrist government and those who support change for the sake of relying on the US.

But reformers are concerned that the success of the brave is exacerbating the world’s problems and restoring any hope of a gradual change.

“Reformers must be ready to deal with the political crisis. . . and do not submit to this, “said Abbas Abdi, a reformist.

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