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The company offers packages faster than Amazon, but employees pay

Jang’s death demonstrated how devastating this can be. As a day laborer who interviewed people every night through Coupunch, he was concerned with job opportunities. But he was hoping to continue to get the best out of the company and use for me to work full-time, his mother, Park Mi-sook, told me. In the months leading up to his death, he worked 7 pm to 4 am, in addition to extra extra time, For 59 hours seven consecutive days, receiving a minimum wage (equivalent to approximately $ 7.60 per hour). “They will be completely destroyed at the end of time,” Park said.

In 2019, when Coupang settled all night reproductive function which provided a 7 am guarantee of a refund of orders made last night, the number of deadlines for night-time storage at Daegu warehouse around three up to seven, depending on one employee. The encounter was devastating: Athletic and aggressive, Jang lost nearly 30 pounds starting from Coupang in June 2019, Park said. He also said that a temporary decrease caused him to develop wrinkles on his face.

In February, the government of South Korea officially characters Jang’s death from overwork. Final report in his death he realized that Jang’s body had signs of severe muscle damage. Coupang apologized and he promised performance management, such as enhancing clinical trials.

In a statement sent by e-mail, Coupang’s spokesman also said that Jang’s death was the only one that was ruled out in terms of work in the company’s history. And he says the latest findings in warehouses “increase performance and reduce workload for co-workers.”

Global challenges

All of this should be clear to those who follow Amazon, where the company’s management and implementation staff talk about the same problems that are just coming to Coupang. Amazon was also criticized for its disciplinary action leads serious injuries, use of lighting systems and firefighters, oppressive productivity that requires workers such as robots, as well as the type of business itself it seems depending on the function that can be used.

In the United States, dissatisfaction with this prompted the launch of the deal in the Amazon headquarters being implemented in Bessemer, Alabama earlier this year. Co-ordinator Stuart Appelbaum, President of Retail, Wholesale and department Store Union (RWDSU), spoke about the “unbearable” movement in the company’s storage and he explained“This is about the future of the work. People are controlled by an algorithm. They are punished by the app on their phone. And they chase them with a text message. People are satisfied.” reputation of contract breaches including monitoring and intimidation of employees, he found a major anti-union blitz while denying allegations that its operators are forced to urinate in bottles. Amazon again rejected the reports, but eventually won the Bessemer vote.

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