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The clubhouse now allows facilitators to record the discussion for future reference


One of the ClubhouseHis character was that all the verbal chats that took place on his platform were alive. After the discussion, it ended. This allowed people to feel comfortable around the Clubhouse’s social network, especially in the early days when only the elite and celebrities had the opportunity to use the program.

But now, the company seems to have changed its approach. Clubhouse by bus called Replay, where users can choose to record an audio chat and save it to a club or profile. They can be downloaded and redistributed externally, should anyone want to use them as a podcast or TikTok song.

Repetition will also help folded links, a recent feature that allows chat moderators to interact with different pages during a conversation. Those links should be fully connected to those who are listening to the recording later.

Listeners to a recorded interview can jump to another speaker, pause, wash, or make a 30-second video. They can also listen at a speed of 1.5 or 2x. However, be aware that makers can see who is listening to their Games. They will also be able to have a “total number of rooms” to see how many people – all with the recording – are listening to the room. Starting next week, Replays will appear on the Clubhouse’s accessible pages, which include hunting.

As TechCrunch results points out, Replay is obviously ideal for those who don’t have the time to hold an audio event, which makes the Clubhouse more fun for those with a busy schedule. As Clubhouse gains more competition such as Twitter Spaces and Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms, it will also need more to differentiate itself from its competitors.

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