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The best Xbox Series X or S devices

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If you bought the Xbox Series X or S a year ago, the equipment you choose will often go down to the older hardware that was designed for the final machine. Now, you have many ways to upgrade your Xbox skills. Maybe you need a good guide to achieve that Psychonauts 2 running, an audible earphone for chatting with friends Apex Tales, or maybe your storage space is running low. Here are some of the best Xbox features you can find today.

Directors: Go in order, go Pro


It is always wise to have a second hand guide. Even if you do not play many games, you will still regret that you did not prepare for your failed friend or relative. Mortal Kombat similarity. And at the very least, it is wise to have a replacement if something goes wrong with your senior manager. (We’ve all broken our gamepads on the wall for some reason, or some other reason – no judgment.)

When you can just find out another Microsoft controller, there are many things you can do that you need to consider. The Anniversary Edition gamepad is just an extra $ 70, and it has a sleek look that can look great on your coffee table. If you are looking for something with a more colorful, beautiful look Limited Edition Forza Horizon 5 the pattern is still there. If you find that you are burning too many AA batteries, consider a way to recharge them if PowerA’s dual controller bay. It comes with two batteries, and gives you the option to upgrade your gamepads by the way.

Buy Xbox Wireless Controller at Microsoft – $ 60
Buy the Anniversary Edition app on Amazon – $ 100
Buy Forza Horizon 5 controller at Microsoft – $ 75
Buy PowerA store on Amazon – $ 25

8Bitdo Pro 2 controller

Mat Smith, Engadget

For Xbox dedicated players, Microsoft’s second generation Elite gamepad it may be worthwhile to invest in. It has position bars, back buttons and a grip handle. Not to mention, this is one of the few Xbox pads you can add to the USB-C.

If you like to play classic games, or are just looking for some great styles, we are also big fans of 8BitDo’s Pro 2. It is incredibly comfortable, and its movement is one of the best in the market. It also creates a great controller for PC games (although the latest Xbox controller will also work on computers via Bluetooth).

Buy Elite gamepad on Amazon – $ 180
Buy 8Bitdo Pro 2 at Amazon – $ 50

Special moderators are great too!

Logitech G923 racing wheel


If you are playing Microsoft Flight Simulator long enough, you will realize that you can go so far with a fixed gamepad. It’s time to fly! After chatting with fans of flying experiments, and reading a lot of reviews, we make a jump Thrustmaster’s T-Flight Hotas One Spice. It has a realistic axis of five axis, fourteen buttons and a release output. And unlike other simple PC solutions, they are integrated enough to fit a coffee table or desk bag. (You can too use with computer, if desired.)

If you like cars a lot, we were impressed with it Logitech’s G923 racing wheel. Sounds like a real steering, efficient, steel rides, and three sturdy pedals. When settled on the table, it offers the opportunity to drive surprisingly well – it is best to pass through Mexico. Forza Horizon 5. It’s very expensive at $ 400, but with the money that will be in most of the upcoming running games.

Buy the exciting T-Flight Hotas One on Amazon – $ 90
Buy the Logitech G923 racing wheel on Amazon – $ 400

Strengthen your reserves

Seagate Xbox Storage Expansion Card


If you have the opportunity to get the new Xbox Series X or S on the setup, chances are you already know their storage limits. Fortunately, you can provide yourself with one lounge and one Seagate extension cards, which run as fast as SSDs running inside the console. In addition to the 1TB card that came to launch, Seagate also unveiled 512GB and 2TB options recently. We recommend choosing a 1TB channel right now, though – spending $ 400 on 2TB just seems a bit overwhelming.

You can also connect traditional hard drives, e.g. Seagate’s 2TB Game Drive, in the Xbox Series X and S on USB. They are very slow to be able to run modern games at all their speeds, but they do offer you parking space at a very low cost. It is useful to have around the game from the original Xbox, as well as 360. And it can also be used as a “cool storage” to free up space on your precious SSD. New games can move back and forth between their drives, which prevents you from downloading again.

Buy Seagate (1TB) expansion cards at Amazon – $ 220
Buy Seagate Game Drive (2TB) on Amazon – $ 130

Adjust your volume

Images of SteelSeries Arctis 9X


You look better than your crummy TV speakers. While you can just plug any headphones you have into your Xbox controller, we recommend that you make a solid wallet for wireless headphones. It will sound good, and it removes the whole string problem. Images of SteelSeries Arctis 9X is one of the best of the round, with meat drivers, comfortable and solid builders. We were delight in our testing by hand, how it feels best as a very good company Arctis Pro PC Headphones.

Buy SteelSeries Arctis 9X at Amazon – $ 200

8Bitdo Media Remote

8 Bito

Tired of directing Netflix play with your host? That’s a snag 8BitDo’s Media Remote. Available in long and short sketches (the latter removes numbers and other extra buttons), are the obvious designs that complement the pure beauty of the Xbox. I have been using a small model to stream 4K Blu-rays and tons of streaming software, and it is much easier to use than the controller when it comes to fast delivery. Now, I don’t have to put my drink down to jump to another chapter.

Buy 8Bitdo Media Remote on Amazon – $ 20

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