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The Best Loser Spends 24 Hours At Waffle House


Illustration of a story called Fantasy Football League & # 39;  Total Loser & # 39;  Sentenced to 24 hours at Waffle House as a Punishment

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Keep in mind that one should not assume that they will never lose their competitive game. It is a terrible idea to make a punishment that causes others to suffer because you do not know if that person could be you. Journalist Lee Sanderlin learned this with difficulty after 15 hours inside “Waffle hell” as the penalty for coming last in his playing league.

The rules of his sentence, which he was told before he died, were simple: He was to be 24 hours in the Waffle House, and any cooking he ate at that time in the Waffle House could strike an hour from his threat. Finally, Sanderlin, a journalist at Clarion Ledger, found on Twitter when he decided to tweet his trip, which he did at Waffle House in Brandon, Mississippi. Its popularity is not surprising – this is the kind of wholehearted madness that the internet loves.

“I’m coming to you from Brandon, Mississippi Waffle House. I, a total loser, came in last in my fictional league, ”Sanderlin wrote Thursday’s tweet who received more than 119,700 likes, 18,700 retweets, and 11,100 tweets at the time our blog was published. “As a punishment, I live 24 hours in the Waffle House. Every waffle I eat shaves one hour prematurely. It’s 4:07 Central. ”

Sanderlin started strong. He carefully wiped out the first two waffles he ate, and just kept picking up for two hours from his threat. The climbs did not last even though. When he repaired two more waffles, he also said he was “dead inside.” Sanderlin was able to get three and four waffles on the floor, which allowed him to spend the entire hour and a half. Wake “Great unhappiness” had begun, and his tweets began to pick up a many attractions.

It hasn’t been easy from there, but the journalist’s tweets were very interesting. In addition to the stomach response and waffles, Sanderlin gave the audience a copy of what was going on in the restaurant. Some kids chose to play “Tiger’s Eye” on the TouchTunes game box, which also encouraged him to take another role.

In another shocking revelation, Sanderlin said their league manager told him he could stay in the parking lot and reprimand if necessary. Four hours after the waffle came down, the reporter said the waffles “are coming down like cement now.” He also said that his heart was beating “really,” and folks, I’m not a doctor, but I think it’s because of the diet and the stress that the man was having.

Unfortunately, Sanderlin’s problems do not stop there, and he criticizes them. Meanwhile, he ate six waffles. Two compassionate lives gave her Rolaids, pills used to treat heartburn and acid indigestion. Then Sanderlin sat for a while in his car to charge his phone and took coffee to try to find a place in his stomach, if you know what I mean. When he returned to his “home”, he tried to win his seventh. It took him more than three hours.

After a slight twist, Sanderlin unveils his eighth fabric. He only had one left until he went home. Finally, 15 hours and nine waffles later, Sanderlin left the restaurant. In all of this, the man took to Twitter, found thousands of responses to his posts and created excitement and fear on social media. He also found ridicule, in “oh I bet I can do it in a short time”, but the haters will hate it.

“The sun is coming up, it’s a new day and I will never eat waffles again,” he said wrote on Twitter. “That’s 9 waffles and 15 hours in this restaurant. S / o to my co-workers for allowing me to chat slowly (I told them well don’t worry). That was bad and I suggest no one can do this.”

After the challenges we faced last year and others, the Sanderlin story is the tragedy we all need. Although it made sense not fun, I envy the man for honoring his loss and choosing to share the sadness, and his face as soon as he entered the bush, and all of us. We can all use laughter these days.

Sanderlin, PA he wrote himself experiences at Clarion Ledger, which are worth reading. You can also see him in the video at the sixth hour of the Waffle House saga where he says he feels “like trash” and “sad.” Unfortunately, the price of hubris.


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