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The best listening tools for children

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Audio has seen a bit of a recent hit, as audio books are developing and major works just look like any podcast under the sun. With all the emphasis on adult entertainment, it’s easy to forget that children’s voices have become chinthu become a thing. I also have vivid memories of my favorite pastimes Sesame Road tapes in mine Fisher Price cassette player, and I will never forget the role of my younger brother Raffi. Obviously, we have come a long way from Wiggles and Teddy Ruxpin. The world of child vocabulary has become increasingly complex in recent times, with the establishment of such a function Spotify Ana is part of a group of dedicated players who provide words that resonate with children.

Spotify Kids and Amazon Kids +


If you have a home connected by smart speakers, enroll in a child ministry and install Echo Dontho or Chisa Mini in their playgrounds could be a better option. Amazon and Spotify both offer services that limit their contributions to music and social media.

Amazon Ana + it also has more than just listening, as it also offers access to a library of apps, videos and games on their tablets or phones. And you can buy the Echo Dot in a fun design that already has a year of cooked work. I usually charge $ 3 a month for Prime subscribers (above what you already pay), and $ 5 for non-members.

ANKARA, TURKEY - MAY 22: The Spotify children's logo appears on the smartphone in front of the Spotify logo in Ankara, Turkey on May 22, 2020. Metin Aktas / Anadolu Agency

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Spotify Ana it’s just audio, with lots of music, podcasts and books made for young people. It is only integrated with the Registration For Spotify Premium Family, which costs $ 15 per month to six accounts. That’s why it’s best to see if you’ve already signed up, with a simple parental guide. But unlike a regular Spotify account your kids will not be able to download the future, which can be difficult with traffic and flights. It also has limited capacity, and it requires a tool that can be used at all.

Relying on display in the installation and implementation is one of the biggest challenges in all of this, as many parents may want their child to spend time without a window. Many parents are also more comfortable with a microphone in place of their child; it can be turned off, but this also eliminates the ability to control weapons and voice only (and there are no physical controls).

Pros: You could be that the tools are already set up; Spotify Kids is included for free with Premium subscriptions; Amazon Kids + has more than just listening.

Disadvantages: Amazon Kids + is an additional fee on top of your Prime subscription; Spotify Kids can’t download the future; all of which still need visuals for you to use.

Yoto Player

Yoto Player with a clock on the screen

Kris Naudus / Engadget

If you want to have a seamless program that your kids can control, there are a few things on the market that you should consider. I love so much Yoto Player, which comes in handy in design, prices and availability.

Yoto Player is a small cube-like device that costs $ 100 on its own startup, which can feel a bit close to well-known speakers like Echo and Nest devices. But it also works like a clock with a night light; when it enters the charger the time and seasons are displayed on 16 x 16 pixel displays. Turning the device down flatly runs behind Yoto to light up the paint you put in the connected app.

Once you have the Yoto connected to your WiFi via a modern wireless connection, you will have the opportunity to access only the items in the box. The right-hand press pulls a Yoto Daily podcast, plus trivia, games and other entertainment designed for young children. (It’s just my daily routine, even though I don’t have children of my own.) Pressing that button also attracts Yoto Radio, a mix of child-friendly pops and cultural standards.

To hear more apps you need to purchase cards thanks to your Yoto Player, which is on top of the player and then downloaded to Yoto servers. These cards range from baby music to modern medicine as children Wimpy Kid’s Notes and Ramona Quimby. The output from the group is cheap, but it is a very high-quality sound that stays on your child’s devices even if they are not connected to the internet, so that they can be played on the go and in the bedroom. The company also sells blank cards so that parents or children can record their stories in the app and practice them through the device.

Pros: Beautiful design; useful as a clock and night light; Podcast and radio available for free; a library of different themes depending on the content and price.

Disadvantages: Strong plastic shell not very useful for children; physical adjustments are limited when selecting chapters.


Red Box on red paper

Kris Naudus / Engadget

If you have children who love to touch and touch things, Box Box can be very fast runners. It’s a large cube wrapped in a rubber cloth that makes it fun to hold, and the handles encourage kids to use it. Lower or increase the volume by pressing on one of the rubber ears at the top of the chamber, and pressing the Toniebox sides to skip or return. The most famous of these is the namesake of the namesake Tonies, which simply climb to the top of the device with a magnet and trigger objects via an NFC chip inside the toy. It’s like Amiibo of a child’s audio books.

What is available is a mix of public groups and other legitimacy, especially Disney audio books if Fifth, Lion King and A Funny Story. The stats are very high and that is what they are, very carefully crafted to create new songs and old stories. Or you know, ‘Baby Shark.’ All prices cost $ 15, whether they have permits or in-house production and 15 minutes or 90 minutes. You can also create your own short stories and songs for “Production Tones”That plays the files you record on your phone via the connected app.

Pros: Child-friendly padded design; beautiful colors; the device is fun to hit and carry around; images are easy for young children to use.

Disadvantages: Some prices are the cheapest for most of the offers; the charge area will expose the child’s eye.


Player Lunii on black paper

Kris Naudus / Engadget

month is the cheapest player from a French company. He is probably the smallest on the board, with a brightly colored box with yellow buttons and sleeves. Unlike Yoto and Tony, there are no physical symptoms in any case. Instead, parents should purchase the article via the Lunii page and transfer it to the player via micro USB. Parents who do not like the idea of ​​their children using anything connected to the internet can opt for this option, and it really helps to keep your children from forgetting or losing any numbers or cards when they are out. Unfortunately, what’s available to Lunii is no exaggeration.

One of the great things about Lunii is that it travels. When a child begins to use the device, he is encouraged not only to select the subject, but the interface is adult; it is possible to change, and there are many ways the software can take action. But this happens when the baby is just beginning, because he does not choose when the audio program is running. And for some as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this. There may be one or two in one story, and they have no skills. Best of all, things are allowed as Nuts he feels inferior. For example, Snoopy may be nominated as an adult, but Snoopy speaks, which is a big no-no for anyone who doesn’t know well Nuts.

Pros: Cheaper than competing players; very beautiful and light; the adjustments are surprisingly easy; Audio is available in several languages.

Disadvantages: Use a micro-USB port to connect to a computer and charge; cannot be monitored by phone; it’s just bad.

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