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The Best Indie Game You Can Miss Out in 2021

Sometimes and everything about travel. Over the last decade, indie producers have introduced us to the words (and hamsters) that live in their heads. In 2021, he demonstrated how fully functional bodies can adapt to new and virtually new forms kudina.

Only this year, Enter: Bridge Of Spirits followed the growth of Balinese youth hero, Tarsier Studios provided the next best option Little Nightmares II, Valheim Norse legends blessed with justice it was very important, and Hazelight’s It Takes Two snagged Game of rhe Year– all thanks a broken story about co-op adventure (and one photo of an elephant).

And frankly, the indie game is just beginning. Next year seems to be a definite demonstration of artistic style and stories that could not bring out the anxieties we sometimes experience, and their stories begin where others have left off: providing comfort. and anointing. He continues to strengthen our minds in uncertain times and times. “skills are complex, ”These are our favorite indies that year.

Chicory: Interesting Story

Platforms: PS5, PS4, PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch

Decorated with a brush and a few chapters on the benefits of Bob Ross, Chicory: Interesting Story it does not twist the boundaries of creation, it breaks them.

Greg Lobanovfollowing the 2018 outlier Wanderersong they put you in the shoes of a housekeeper whom you call the name of your favorite food — and they just get frustrated with the magic brush before they are given the task of restoring color to the desolate black and white world. There are stamps, patterns, painting tools, and drawing / erasing functions to help enhance the look and feel of each area (e.g., Gulp Swamp, Teatime Meadows), and each NPC, side-by-side search, and boss fight adds ideas to the main themes being played. . .

Chicory it will impress you with its conversation and your cohesive personality, but it will also touch you with a few heartfelt expressions and comments on self-doubt, frustration, and why there is no shame in starting over.

Mechanical Head’s Cyber ​​Shadow it’s a great time when it also incorporates 8-bit travelers with their love that has been lost for so long: the hardships that are so cruel.

In hindsight, it’s the modern wonder of Ninja Gaiden and Angry Black Manta-cull you into 2D NES-era events, bold designs, platform appearances, jazzed-up music (see “Smasher”, “Monkey Shrine”), and the ultimate cyber ninja war with shurikens, airstrikes, and a twisted bullet that incorporates upcoming projectile.

Cheap death and a few bosses ’shows may cost you dearly, but an early preparation of the 90s will help keep you confident until the end.

The Door of Death is a very modern example of a perfectly executed concept (and with a long shot). It’s just a fantasy, fantasy, and full of laundry list of things to do and see, but instead of writing the same past. Zelda tropes, sharpens his comment on the inevitability of death and shock Titan Spirits and Hyper Light Drifter.

Which is great – you play a crow whose 9-to-5 organization works to harvest lives that are changing to a past life – but it introduces you with satisfyingly built sections, puzzles, enemy designs, and regular isometric patterns. a way to stick to David Fenn’s exciting level.

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