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The Best Games (and Trailers) From E3

E3 is back, brought to you via the stream, providing free entry for all to make another year without a demonstration of what is on display. If there could be a major theme for the show, it was a plague-related delay: Many of the games we’ve been fighting are far more than they expected, or they weren’t. If you haven’t been able to get all the meetings from your desk chair, don’t worry — sit down and briefly consider a summary of the best E3 they offer.

The story first appeared WIR UK.

Wild Breath 2

Undoubtedly the moment of the show, Nintendo finally (finally) played some videos from its first professional debut in 2017. The link was shown crashing on the covered islands and clouds, as Nintendo confirmed the game would take place in the sky, as Sword of the land, which, similarly, also finds HD remake. We hope the results remain intact Natural Breathinggreen wetlands and do not replace them Skyward Sword in a stable place. The release date was a bit disappointing, a vague 2022, which extinguishes any hope for players who want to achieve this by Christmas. However, it is new Zelda– it will be amazing.

Hello Unlimited

In the beginning Hello Unlimited The mock cart was mocked for having a stranger who now calls him Craig, whose sad, meaningless face in the area also cited as an example that the longtime warriors who had been with him for a long time had pictures of the last generation. These new tires have also helped alleviate this fear. A high-profile octane commercial video showed Master Chief teaming up with Cortana to kick another ass, while entering most games seems to be taking the top names on the previous title. 343 Studios has promised an academic approach to the Academy, encouraging new players to perform Hello not afraid of being destroyed by the old game team. Old games like 4v4 Arena and 12v12 big team battles are back. There is no release date here, as even the Master Chief has not confirmed that he will not match the closure of Covid.

Earth 2

Foreign Land was asleep, as if Fall of New Vegas in the air who sold more than 3 million copies. Now the results are working, as revealed by this funny trailer, which mocks the many tire meetings we have seen on E3. As the developers admit, they did not finish any game, or anything “except the title.” The result will be a great opportunity to achieve great potential in the first game: in fact, polishing and expanding its fun environment.

Fear of Metroid

Fear of Metroid came with an apology; Nintendo is sad to have to wait a long time Metroid Prime 4, and sorry it will not show you this game. The finalists faced a dilemma: Nintendo tore the game out of Bandai Namco in 2019, and asked Retro Studios, who are in charge of the first series, to start right away. Instead, we take the first 2D Metroid in the 19th century. In a trailer, Samus escapes a red-eyed robot: as Glados of Portal grows legs like a lizard. Metroid has a history of self-defense chase: Adult athletes remember the beauty Metroid integration at Gameboy Advance. Fear will be released on October 8, 2021.

Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp

Recent Wars 1 and 2 were two of the greatest Game Boy Advance games ever made: a kind of chess game, where you take turns with your enemy to take over cities and form armies to deal with your opponents. Now the two games are back with switch swasters, “built from the ground up” in the form of a cartoon Link Awakening. Many questions remain: Will it include enough to attract back-end players who spend hundreds of hours on Game Boy Advance? Is it nerf Kanbei? Only time can tell. Expect in December.


This was a difficult caravan, to be honest: Included here because we have been hungry for any news from Bethesda, whether this or that Scrolls of the Elders. It’s hard to know what Starfield About: The trailer featured a strange-looking planet mixed with moonlight, and the astronaut was preparing to board a plane. The release date of November 2022 means that fans of Scrolls of the Elders will have grandparents until the next game is out.


A game that looks good without changing or getting into a longer license? Updated It looks gorgeous — a very powerful blend with the pixels in the veins of Relatives: Sword & Sworcery. The trailer shows the protagonist riding on neon signs, walking in the dark, in dystopian towns, and often pushing a donkey. There’s nothing more to say about the game here: Its players describe it as a “sci-fi, retro-futuristic action platformer” while the players control the artificial intelligence that is in the human body. It’s the only Xbox, and it’s coming up in 2022.

WarioWare Call It Together

The program of WarioWare the series has always been offering the best party games — fast-paced fun games that you can jump in and out of. This new game, which features over 200 games, allows you to play with your partner. This, along with Mario Party Partiess, which includes ancient wood from the old series’ as Mario Party 2Space World original — should be a major factor in reunion celebrations after the plague. WarioWare published September 10, 2021.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Recent The avengers The game tried to back off for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to win, despite not having the same rights as the actors, which led to some problems that were disrupted as it disrupted DLCs and microtransaction. Superhero game Guardians of the Way has the first problem, but not the second — created by Eidos Montreal and published by Square Enix (which was behind the Avenger game), is a single player. You play as Star-Lord, the leader of a gang of mischievous players who also include the dark-skinned alien Gamora, buff brruer Drax, cybernetic raccoon Rocket, and Groot, a walking stick that can only say “I am Groot.” It’s on August 26, 2021.

The Great Cry 6

Far Away Crying 5, which had a murderous, deeply religious American family, was not political, according to Ubisoft. Change what has happened in the new game, he says it’s political “as all the game about change has to be.” It seems impossible The Great Cry 6 offers a chance to take part in a military battle: The war chariot promises players who will, indeed, Far cry spirit, still running “shooting.” Surprisingly, the game will feature the fantastic Giancarlo Esposito from Breaking Bad, is a function of both wording and drawing.

Avatar: Border of Pandora

Avatar they have a strange place in the common culture. James Cameron’s 2009 film was a huge hit – and the second most successful theme ever when it came to inflation – but when did you hear anyone mention it? This was the largest thing in the world for about six months, and then it disappeared from the earth. This could change in 2022 with the release of Borders of Pandora, a game set in Avatar the environment is being developed by Ubisoft and Massive, which works on their preferences Far Away Crying 3 and Gawoli; and there is still time to correspond to the release of Avatar 2 in December next year. The trailer is realistic, but there are a few signs in the game — all we know is that you’ll play like a Na’vi and “start the journey” on the new side of Pandora.

The story first appeared WIR UK.

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