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The best equipment for your pets

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Whether they are cat lovers or dogs, the editors of Engadget have our best part for fur babies. With all the comfort and joy our pets have given us, especially in the past year, we think they should receive gifts just like everyone else in the family is on vacation. Here is a list of things we have given to our little furry friends that we think your pet will enjoy.

BarkBox subscription monthly


You can buy your pet some fancy toys but you know they will not last forever: your dog will tear even the tiniest of pieces and cut them. You can sit in front of them with a Barkbox subscription, which offers a headboard full of funny and entertaining toys once a month. The headlines make you laugh, while your dog would love to have a package that belongs to them. – Kris Naudus, Consumer Guide

Buy BarkBox

Registration for Cat Person cat food

Items for the Engadget Vacation Gift Guide 2021.

Cat Man

Prior to the year before, my husband and I often bought cat food at the grocery store at our weekly shop. Then, sometime during the closure, all the cat food was suddenly sold. As I looked through the internet to see if we could be brought in, I found CatPerson, the registration function of cat food. On top of that, the diet looked superior, with natural ingredients and 50 percent more protein than the companies do. I decided to give it a try, and my family never looked back. Cats love it so much and we love that there are 16 different flavors so they don’t get tired. Bonus: The delivery box is easily converted into a toy or chalet for the cat to play around. – Nicole Lee, Editor-in-Chief

Buy CatPerson subscriptions

Dangerous Creatures “The Lift” Cat Hammock

Items for the Engadget Vacation Gift Guide 2021.

Dangerous Creatures

When I first saw this, $ 80 was like a big splurge on a cat seat I didn’t know if my cat would want it. But a year later Dangerous Creatures’ “Lifting,”‘I’m so glad I took the opportunity. The wall-mounted hammock is very well made, and comes in a variety of colors and finishes to match your existing decor. Most importantly: my cat is very fond of having its own space, a few feet above the bed, where it can lie in the sun and judge us quietly from the sky. The company makes a list of other cat-walled seats also, that you can set up an entire high-rise, mini-filled circle Indiana Jones– rope bridges, scraps and restaurants. But even if you haven’t prepared for it all (or you don’t have a wall space), the cat hammock is the best of all: a place to sleep and a new place to run when zoomies are hitting. – Karissa Bell, Editor-in-Chief

Buy The Lift at Amazon – $ 58

Catit Senses 2.0 Flower Fountain

Items for the Engadget Vacation Gift Guide 2021.

Do Lipman Photography for Engadget / Catit

Cats like to drink running water; If you see your cat splashing water in a bowl, that’s why. That is one of the reasons why many people find a spring water for your cat. We finished finding Catit Senses 2.0 Flower Fountain to our child. It has three different water management components and a three-dimensional filter that helps keep the water as fresh as possible. On top of that, we like that it looks like a small plastic flower pot. -NL

Buy a fountain of flowers on Amazon – $ 30

K&H heating cat bed

Items for the Engadget Vacation Gift Guide 2021.

Do Lipman Photography of Engadget / K&H

In my house, we called this bed a “hottub,” since our pet cat likes to stay here for hours, especially in the winter months. The K&H bed is simple, but effective. Under the bed there is a heated heater that is kept to keep the temperature constant (and safe). The cover is also removable, so it is easy to wash, which is a good thing when your cat spends many hours a day. – KB

Buy a hot cat on Amazon – $ 45

Pet Cube Bites 2 Lite treats

Items for the Engadget Vacation Gift Guide 2021.

Pet Cube

From price Cam on the The best foods 2, PetCube offers several types of animal cameras, but we love it 2 Lite because of its value and shape. You will find a take care of the dispenser with a 1080p camera that only has night vision and 8x digital magnification. It also comes with the help of two listening methods. The Bites 2 Lite does not come with the built-in Alexa, but there is a good chance you don’t need to back up Amazon’s voice on the device you use to view your pet and throw it good while still a good boy or not. girl. – Igor Bonafacic, Assistant Editor

Buy Bites 2 Lite product from Amazon – $ 149

PetKit Dog Water Bottle

Items for the Engadget Vacation Gift Guide 2021.


If your dog is like mine, it is usually floating and thirsty on hot days and in the sun. When I tried a few bottles of dog water, I found it travel bottle from a good PetKit to help my canine friend become dehydrated. It is only $ 13 but can store 14 hours of fluid and has a smart design that prevents leakage. Silica gel gasket and lock rings also help ensure that the bottle does not fall into your bag. I walk almost with my dog ​​all the time and he is always thankful after drinking. —EB

Buy a bottle of it on Amazon – $ 20

PrettyLitter subscription function

Items for the Engadget Vacation Gift Guide 2021.


My husband and I love our cat very much, but boy, does his toilet smell stinking. After seeing the business of PrettyLitter online, we decided to try to see if it would help us. Fortunately, it does, and so on. Not only does it contain sweet silicon crystals that absorb odors, but they change color to tell you if your cat has a urinary problem. Of course, this is not a substitute for going to a vet, but it is important to know what is going on with your cat’s health. Since these waste products are very effective in preventing odors, we have found that we use less waste than before, which in turn helps to reduce waste. Plus, our cat seems to love it too. On top of that, the company offers a subscription service, bringing a new wallet to your home every month. -NL

Buy PrettyLitter

Ruffwear Dog Sleeping Vest

Items for the Engadget Vacation Gift Guide 2021.


The Ruffwear Dog Sleeping Vest is ideal for fans traveling and camping in the tropics, and it is easy to use. Pour the outfit into the water, remove and tie your dog – that’s it, and your friend is ready to run in the sun. The Ruffwear outfit has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor rating of 50+, leash design and three designs that promote cool cooling. It comes in sizes ranging from xx-small to x-large, and costs about $ 60, or almost like a Patagonia gym (for people, then). – Jessica Conditt, Editor-in-Chief

Buy winter clothing at Amazon – $ 60

Timbuk2 Muttmover luxe dog bag

Items for the Engadget Vacation Gift Guide 2021.


Hopefully, your pet will be a little better in this bag so you can take care of the so-called “Muttmover. ” This bag from Timbuk2 is designed to carry your dog (or cat, we think), their water plate, as well as your tools, with shoulder straps and plenty of outer bags. The big bag has a hole big enough for your pet’s head to pass as you walk, while the whole front panel opens for easy removal. The inside is easy to clean and is made of strong nylon ripstop fabric, and comes with a dropable plate. -JC

Buy a Muttmover bag at Amazon – $ 139

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