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The beauty of an unstable mind

I have spent the last few weeks with people who are losing – or losing – their minds. In the History of Sinéad O’Connor Reminders, the 54-year-old singer is looking back on a life characterized by child abuse, abandonment and a long hospital stay. Her most recent insanity – as far as she knows, a stomach ache caused by puberty following unplanned births – has found her entering and exiting institutions for six years. Large parts of his life are worthless forever; he wrote the book in two parts, part of his time in the “nuthouse”, as he calls it.

However, the woman was once sent into traditional captivity to have a portrait of Pope John Paul II in action Saturday Night Live still very interesting. She runs a business that has made her a “crazy mother” with destructive information, and in her insanity exposes a woman who seems to be innocent.

Likewise, in his latest Netflix exclusive, Bo Burnham: Inside, which he wrote, performed, edited and modified, the loved one explores the anxieties he experienced following his famous lightning strike, as well as his suicidal thoughts, which he put into singing. A comedian known worldwide as a young man releasing a YouTube video in his room, Burnham remembers the thousand-year-old Tom Lehrer.

Sinéad O’Connor cuts a picture of the Pope on ‘Saturday Night Live’, 1992 © Getty Images

Inside and an interior that combines insanity, cultural wars and the experiences of the plague with black jokes and strange global themes: my favorite is the drama she mourns for her mind, junior school, dressing like Aladdin at her birthday party and will be revealed for the sake of his culture and the media community.

Finally, in Father, Florian ZellerAt the beginning of the guide, the French writer orders Anthony Hopkins to go to Oscar based on his play Alzheimer’s, and fills the veil with Polanski’s threat to create an image that the audience, like the protagonist, feels sorry for and confused.

Although some of these things were made and even were made in the presence of Covid, they form a group of ecosystems that will be judged by some kind of “plague art”.

Anthony Hopkins for his Oscar winning work in ‘The Father’ © Alamy

Looking Father, a play that was originally made in 2012, I found Zeller’s picture of a sudden closure – he takes the fear of repetition and lives in a rapidly declining world. Sinéad O’Connor writes candidly about agoraphobia who feels he has been on his own for a long time, and no matter how hard he tries to spend time with them he can stay home. Bo Burnham ended his special career by playing a claustrophobic drama where he worked for a year on his own, but found himself shaken in the face as he tried to get out of the door.

Surprisingly, perhaps, these studies of psychosis, stress and brain disorders should be strongly encouraged than the hoopla whistle that follows our return to a normal life. I was shocked when I read the advice of a New York magazine on “The Return of the FOMO”, a recent article on the cover of rehabilitation that people had before they said you were “missing out”.

“The form would have been a sleep deprivation for a while,” writes Matthew Schneier, “but now we can be on our way to a new era as we strive to achieve the year we lost by doing more than ever before. . . The city operates a FORM, a network of opportunities and possibilities; Catechism of “Have you been invited, are you on the list, can you find a table?”; fulfillment of plans. ”As Sinéad O’Connor left me in a state of shock, the prospect of being on the right track suddenly became a major concern.

In the US, or perhaps with New York ideas, the epidemic now seems to be a thing of the past. “Now Covid is behind us. . . ”I have read many emails from my US friends over the past few weeks. The United States, he thinks, has infected the virus in his mind. At the very strictest of rules, we can now expect #girlsummer if no one else. If this new commercial is to be trusted, we will now start this summer looking like Lin-Manuel Miranda’s song In the mountains.

In the meantime, I’m very happy to be with those who have been lost. “Nutjobs”, as O’Connor gives himself permission to express himself, have something interesting to say. The temporary suspension of the design allows for strong self-monitoring. I believe this is the time when some new jobs are being created.

Alfred Hitchcock is the new story of Edward White © Alamy

Apart from that, Alfred Hitchcock’s ingenuity as a “poet on the subject of anxiety and danger” has been exhausted, he says in a recent article by Edward White. Twelve lives of Alfred Hitchcock, says he had a formidable fear that he had grown up with as a teenager during World War I. Paranoia and the horror of almost everything gave him 50 movie oils. And as the plague reminds us, Shakespeare released King Lear in a sick year, I probably live alone.

Should Bo Burnham be our Covid Bard? Probably not, but Inside and a successful study of media-related concepts. Likewise, with his “crazy” image, O’Connor becomes an unexpected viewer this year.

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