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The BBC’s release and activities are at risk of being suspended

The BBC has not taken any action on one of the most pressing financial issues in the state, which would force the reduction of the impact on the broadcaster’s production, staff and ambition.

Nadine Dorries, a cultural secretary, said the interest rate would be suspended for two years at £ 159, then rising in line with inflation until the end of 2027, making it one of the lowest corporate finances for many years.

The BBC requested that the tax be linked to rising prices in long-term negotiations with the government. Instead, the phrase will open up a more challenging time for a public service broadcaster as it enters its centenary and tries to compete with big-pocket players like Netflix and Disney, who are raising big money and rushing to its pages.

The interest rate, which is given to anyone who watches what is happening in the home, raises about $ 3.7bn and accounts for about three-quarters of the corporate budget.

As a compensation for the suspension, the government has announced it will increase the BBC’s lease limit to £ 750m, giving the broadcaster another room to reorganize its international operations.

Richard Sharp, chairman of the BBC, and Tim Davie, chief executive officer, described the deal as “disappointing” not only for licensees but also for cultural companies in the UK.

“The BBC’s revenue from UK jobs has already dropped by 30 percent compared to 10 years ago,” said BBC officials, adding that the “stabilization” would require “strong decisions”.

Sharp later added that the agency was not immediately available for comment. Sharp told BBC Radio 4 that he “did not expect to learn what I learned over the weekend”.

Dorries said in the House of Commons he recognized the BBC as a “big organization” but insisted he “saw the realities” in the economy. “When it comes to monthly bills, this is one of the few things we have as a government,” he said.

The cultural secretary added that the government had already planned to review the BBC’s funding system, saying he would “be charged with being a dinosaur” if he said “just do it the right way.” [with] this certificate ”.

But he stopped repeating to say, posted on Twitter over the weekend, that the ticket release will be the BBC’s “final”.

Abi Watson of Enders Analysis says the recent financial instability could lead to the BBC’s £ 871m deficit by 2027. This adds to the pressure from two license fees since 2010 that squeezed corporate spending to about $ 1.1bn.

The broadcaster will monitor what will happen in the coming weeks. Heirs say the firm will need to make decisions on the use of radio video channels such as BBC Four, staff cuts, and skipping other programs.

Some BBC executives see the settlement as a negative but possible outcome, especially since there have been fears that the Boris Johnson government could lead to a long-term reduction in spending.

However, compared to spending plans in Whitehall departments, where almost all of them received the actual amount they spend, the BBC is known to be one of the biggest losses in the state. Lucy Powell, secretary of culture for the shadow, said the deal was part of a government that has been “anti-BBC”.

“That is the problem now,” said Lord Michael Grade, former BBC chairman and ITV executive chairman. “He has to look deeper and see what he can do.”

Do they need all the networks, radio and television? Do they need to make their online donations more efficient? [There are] all kinds of questions that need to be asked. ”

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