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The Apple Boot Camp update eventually adds support for the Windows trackpad

Apple has supported the Windows Precision Touchpad driver at its latest Boot Camp, solving a major problem with Windows 10 Installing Mac, About they say. It looks like a bigger change than the Mac Precision and some drivers, according to some Reddit users. However, it only works on Mac laptops and desktops with T2 protection chip Released on or after 2018.

Macs have better trackpads than Windows laptops, where there are complaints about this previous comments. I have Windows 8.1, however, Microsoft works with Intel to solve this problem by launching Windows Precision Touchpad drivers and has no problem with Modern Windows laptops.

It was already back in 2013, and Apple had not yet installed drivers at Boot Camp until it finally did so yesterday with a 6.1.15 update. To date, Boot Camp users have relied on third-party drivers such as Mac touchpad drivers for Mac Github.

With Apple’s plans to replace the M1 chip in less than two years, the Boot Camp update will be a welcome experience for Intel Mac users. Boot Camp only works for Intel Macs, but depending on how well the M1 can follow Intel Mac software as well Windows on ARM, seems like a possibility.

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