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Testing of Drugs That Are Able to Make Supportive Drugs

This seems to be the best way to deal with Woodcock’s problems and others that are known for its drug testing hose. Instead, the FDA’s Woodcock this week released new ones instructions by performing more master-protocol test tests.

But nothing can solve the same problem: time. It would be difficult for any of these studies to get Covid patients to register. “The nature of the epidemic is that, it will have tips and trophies at different times and places in the world. “Now, they are not well established to investigate whether the UK and the US, which is why the number of those registered is much lower than the ones we wrote in the UK, even though their cases are higher.”

The vaccine will not completely eliminate Covid-19. In available countries, some people refuse to take them; other countries cannot. That is why good Covid treatment is still important. Even so, the trials are relatively slow. “It’s a good idea. The idea of ​​last year would have been much better, “said David Boulware, a research and research professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School who participates in Activ-6 and other Covid tests. Not trying to delay science, he says, but politics.

Woodcock was at the FDA last year and used the drug as part of Operation Warp Speed ​​for Trump executives. The program supported the vaccine against the plague, but the urgency of the treatment was not … immediate. “Obviously the former administration was not really interested in the investigation, because it will all end with last Easter,” said Boulware, based on what President Trump had said. expectation without foundation in the early days of the plague. “This was achieved after January 20, 2021.”

Wherever politics is a hindrance, so is money. (Like Carl Zimmer he wrote inside New York Times, as of January last year, the US government had spent about $ 18 billion on vaccine and development research and about $ 8 billion in support. One of the successes of the Covid drug search was remodeling, drugs produced by the Gilead drug company; US learning carried out with the help of the company and the features found in April 2020 to reduce the length of time people had symptoms; after that education including Agreement they found nothing about survival.

But drugs do not make the pharmaceutical companies the same amount of money, so they do not get the same benefits. Reading cheap, reusable drugs often requires money from the government. “Most of these are natural remedies. So why wasn’t this pushed forward? Because you do not have a license, you have no profit from the pharmaceutical company. No drug company says, ‘We’ll give you $ 10 million to see this,’ ‘Boulware said. “That’s why the government has to do it, and the government has to do it. The good news is, these are drugs that are available in low- and middle-income countries, or on the street in Walgreens. It’s not ‘We’ve made new drugs that we don’t have, but six months from now we’ll it is enough to heal 10,000 people and it will cost $ 10,000 a lot. ‘ ”

Which leads to more, the greater awareness that Woodcock hopes will prevent minor tensions in One plague – more and more effective in trying to try one drug at a time. “What was interesting about the epidemic, if you look at all the side effects of drugs, especially immunomodulators, there is currently a lot of recurrence of the type of drug that can be used, and we have counter-effects,” Woodcock says. “That means, there were very few treatments and the tests were not adequately supported to give the correct answer.” A large, multi-arm, professional protocol means that there will be a gap between large pharmaceutical companies that run large-scale, high-cost, high-cost, high-cost and small-scale pharmaceutical companies that do not produce enough new information. In the midst of the epidemic, there was not enough of government-funded education, prestige, and middle-class education that cost lives.

Information From WIRED on Covid-19

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