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Tesla ‘suspends’ Purchasing Bitcoin vehicles based on environmental exposure


A few weeks later Tesla began accepting Bitcoin as a car bill, Elon Musk revealed in a tweet that it would “stop” the attempt. According to its release (Tesla appears to have no office), the company is “concerned about the rapid growth in the use of Bitcoin mining resources and events.”

A survey last year to compare bitcoin mines use 7.46 GW of power frequently, and the same study sets the figure right now at 16.71 GW. This could represent 147.79 TWh per year.

Tesla went on to say that “we will not be selling any Bitcoin” (the amount that can already be sold The amount it bought earlier this year $ 1.5 billion is unknown) and said he would use the reserves every time the mines “switch to renewable energy.” It is also unknown why Tesla had not considered this before creating the use of Bitcoin, as it was already well known.

Without mentioning the specific cryptocurrency, the company is looking at other ways in which it claims to use less than a fraction of Bitcoin’s power to do anything, perhaps using professional blockchain evidence instead of proof. This will not happen Dogecoin, although it is not known if this rule would affect SpaceX crypto plans. Ethereum is possible because miners have negotiated a move to a more energy-intensive approach, with cryptocurrency company prices rising more than $ 200 in the last hour, while Bitcoin’s price has dropped by $ 2,000 or up to $ 52,795.53, according to Coinbase.

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