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Tesla sheets and Powerwall batteries are becoming a package


If you are still considering getting a Tesla Powerwall or have your roof and its solar reconstruction, you might consider both acquisitions or travel destinations. Elon Musk revealed in a tweet that “Starting next week, Tesla Solar Panels & Solar Roof will be sold as an integrated item * with * Tesla Powerwall battery” and create a kind of partnership he has been searching.

Products he also said last month that Tesla page had already started telling Powerwall consumers that the only way to get the battery that I really need is to repair the solar panels, so it seems that this rule applies to both parties. Aside from just tying the two big ticket items together, Musk went on to say that “Tesla could unveil high-performance capabilities through next month’s software upgrade” to Powerwall 2, and that under the new system, solar power will feed the battery only.

Yes, like Products he also mentioned, even if you had a contract with Tesla on your portfolio, it probably changed the contract to a higher price than previously thought, citing “roof problems.”

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