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Tesla sends Starlink online plates to Superchargers

Don’t despair if you want to show off the Tesla Supercharger but you don’t pay for it Premium connection – you can have another valid method. According to to Electrek, The owners of the Tesla EV own random Starlink online feeds at Supercharger station. It is not yet known how many or if they are available with the drivers, but the shipment includes Florida.

Tesla has not commented on the release and believes it has terminated its PR.

There is a lot that can be used Starlink Broadband on Supercharger. At the very least, it can modify or add existing links that perform basic functions such as charging and chargers. This will enable the company to ship Superchargers quickly and to remote areas. This is important when the race expects to allow pay for non-Tesla EVs and three times the size of its station network.

You do not need that much bandwidth (the middle Starlink connection to the US is about 97Mbps) just to fix the event, however, and it would not be surprising if Tesla used satellite link to provide WiFi to Supercharger customers. You are usually suspended from the charger for long periods of time to watch TV shows – you can watch the shows without registering for Premium Connectivity or using your phone as a social networking site. Network disruption can be a problem if the chargers are busy, but it can also be easy and efficient for customers on Starlink service at home.

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