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Tesla is offering other EVs without USB ports due to chip shortages

Tesla could be comfortable even chip reduction, but the failures seem to be ruining the cars people find. Electrek but learned most buyers of Model 3 and Model Y are to receive their electric motors without USB-C ports in the center or rear seats. Some customers said they had been notified in advance, but others only realized when they took their EVs home.

Experts and others at Tesla installed missing USB ports for missing chip. Some customers have heard that Tesla has installed the missing connectors in December, but it is unclear if this will work for all owners. Tesla has long since stopped responding to requests for comment and believes it has removed its PR team.

This was not the first time the brand had shipped seamless vehicles, including Tesla. BMW soon removed the touchscreen feature from other countries, where the company and Tesla both phased out the public transportation system. And there aren’t many good alternatives – car manufacturers have delay in ordering, suspension production and in other words he asked customers to wait longer than usual.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Lack of USB ports disrupts not only connectivity, but also wireless charging. It’s fun, sure, but that’s what you’d expect from being given Tesla price tags. It could also hurt customers who are worried that Tesla may be sacrificing character achieving its quarterly goals.

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