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Tesla built, sold and shipped more than a quarter of more cars than ever before


Elon Musk took a break from his preparation for SNL On Monday he received a Tesla Q1 2021 phone call for money and let the reporters who had been covering the company know all about the company from the beginning of the new year.

Follow-up Fixed year of EV sales in 2020 – however for the year of COVID-19 – Tesla wrote another quarter Automotive sales starting in 2021. “We were able to manufacture and supply the highest quality cars, the company announced in its quarterly bid for cash. Fortunately, Tesla was able to do this without making another Model S or X beyond that (even shipping to existing ones).

Tesla added that, in comparison to the increase in sales in the BMW 3-Series and Mercedes E-Class, the Model 3 was the best-selling retailer in the world, in Q1 2021. ” gas, ”the company said.

In addition, Tesla was able to reduce the price of cars sold in Q1 by a margin of lower than even a few years ago. “In 2017, when we started making the Model 3, our average price per car was ~ $ 84,000,” Tesla revealed in its economic link. “Thanks to new developments and new industries and a smaller mix of Model S and Model X, our average price dropped to $ 38,000 per car in Q1.”

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