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Temporary travel to the MCU is difficult, and not ideal

The story features the breakers of one and two Loki episodes.

Humans are only moving in the opposite direction, making the idea of ​​ignoring the law more productive in scientific fiction. But everyone has a different idea of ​​how it should work, from Back Forward that Time at the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). But in this very recent article of Loki, we’ve already seen everything we’ve been told about the Marvel era change, and it’s probably good because it didn’t really sound right at first.

Although Stone Time first appeared in 2016 Doctor Strange, the idea of ​​a temporary move did not really affect MCU until 2019 Revenge: Endgame. The whole plot relies on a team going back to the greatest moment in the history of the MCU to capture infinity Gems and use them to recapture the half that is not found in the universe. Ant-Man (Scott Lang) and the War Machine (James Rhodes) had serious concerns – would they not change their existence? The Hulk (Bruce Banner) told them no, because the past has already happened and cannot be changed, they should be fine.

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It’s a greedy way to watch travel, which they think you can get back to your time even if you already regret it. The former also said taking Time Stone could extend his time, prompting Bruce to promise to reinstate him immediately. But the results of the “time heist” left many questions about the few things that went wrong, which happened to Loki in 2012, who captured Tesseract (aka Space Space) and disappeared with it. That’s the new entry point Disney + list: minutes after worshiping the false god at Stark Tower.

Bruce’s claim that their time had not been cut short was fulfilled, but not for the very reason that he said so. It has been found that there is a whole department called the Time Variance Authority (TVA) that “cuts” the various times that start happening, ensuring that there is a “Clean Time Only.” Once the difference is made, the TVA’s agents appear and remove the culprit and use a tool that stores everything nearby and separates it to help get it back in time. How this could solve other problems such as the 2012 Steve Rogers lying face down on the street at Stark Tower, or how the 2023 Cap returned the stones to their original location, has not been fully explained. Even Loki doesn’t seem interested in the whole thing. (And it’s after seeing a table full of Infinity Stones.)

Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston

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We assume that TVA must have had a way to bring Loki back to Avenger without asking too many questions. Maybe his goal was to take this, erase his memory, and throw him where he was missing. It is possible, since many years of fictional travel have taught us that it can end and then reappear, and those around you may not be wise for the months or years you spent in ancient Rome or the Old West.

But there was strong evidence that he was leaving immediately – as a trustee in the first division. Which raised many more questions: what did this guy do to end up in TVA? The motto “Miss Minute” says you can make a list of results by arriving late for work, but can this be a waste of time without action, and why is the person affected and who should be wrong? While Loki says he knew there were long trips, it is unknown whether he knew when he caught the Tesseract. TVA seemed surprised that he realized, which means they didn’t catch him following him to know breaking his time.

Drawing of Time Variance Authority

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The MCU mindset has been that way, well … it doesn’t matter. In describing movies like Hot Tub Time Machine, writers and editors seem to be telling the audience not to worry about this, and to enjoy the journey. The Russo brothers have even said a lot of questions. But now it’s a central location in Loki, making a new thread without a plot even as it binds the rest Conclusion.

The whole story is about the great destroyers in the second episode of ‘Loki.’

But that is when the Fourth Phase of the Amazing Creation begins. In the second episode the killer Loki explodes the All-Time Period, far removed from TVA’s ability to reassemble all cables into a single thread. And our nation of 2012 can only be happy to help: Loki is the god of hardships, and making chaos is the only way to bring trouble. But for our purposes, choosing a TVA at the time really helps because it doesn’t matter if the MCU movement is like that Looper or Monitoring Time.

Risks: Variety

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Instead of worrying about time as part of an MCU that can exist as a number of alternatives – mentioned earlier Doctor Strange and Multiverse of Madness. Followers of Nerdier know that the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Earth-199999, are the world’s most exciting-616. (You can blame Alan Moore’s author for the crazy number.) Sometimes it means that even movies like Fox’s Fantastic Four and X-Men movies are found elsewhere in the story, even if they are over. It means that all cartoons are acceptable in some ways – in particular Spider-Man: In Spider’s Verse.

But what makes it possible to continue to do so is that it provides an opportunity to showcase the exhibition the right to openly expose abstract ideas, and those who do not work in a connected country and those who are enlightened are allowed greater access to MCU. It may be confusing, but it is possible.

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