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Teeny Teenagers, Young Scientists Who Helped Killing a Baby


Experts in the field have suggested that respiratory parasites are especially important for the spread of disease. However, in a few places, much can be done. The patient may cough up spots on your face, exhale, or shake hands, which you use to wipe your nose. Each of these strains can transmit the virus. “Technically, it’s very difficult to differentiate between the causes of the disease,” says Marr. For remote diseases, only small particles can be to blame. Nearly, however, all the little things were playing. However, for decades, drops seem to be the triggers.

Marr decided to collect most of his belongings. Placing air samples in places such as daytime and airplane airplanes, they often catch the virus and the flu while the literature tells them it should not be – hiding in the air, often small particles that can stay on top for hours. And it was enough to make people sick.

In 2011, this must have been a major issue. Instead, major medical journals rejected his writings. Even when he tried new things that added to the evidence that the flu was transmitted through aerosols, only one publisher, Royal Language Journal Journal, was a constant receiver in his work. In well-trained schools, aerosols are always engineered by physics and physics, and pathogens are simply therapeutic; Marr was one of the most needy people who tried to overcome divisions. “I was terrified,” she says.

Thinking that it would help him to overcome this objection, he regularly tries to determine the source of the micron 5 error. But he always stuck with it. Medical textbooks claim to be authentic, not to mention, as if they had been removed from the atmosphere. Afterwards he got tired of trying, his research and his life went on, and the secret of the 5-micron never reached. Until, that is, December 2019, when the paper passed its desk from the Yuguo Li lab.

An indoor interior researcher at the University of Hong Kong, Li made a name for himself for the first time at SARS, in 2003. His research into the emergence of Amoy Gardens indoors provided strong evidence that coronavirus could go into space. But over the past few decades, she has also struggled to help health care providers to reduce their risk. After that, he decided to do math. Li’s beautiful illustrations showed that when a person coughs or sneezes, heavy drops are very small and his cravings — open mouth, nose, eyes — are too small to count for many ailments. The Li team confirmed that the medical council had backtracked and that colds, flu, and other respiratory infections should be spread through aerosols instead.

Their results, he argued, exposed the falsehoods of the 5-micron boundary. And he went a step further, and I checked the number until the document that the CDC printed in the hospital. Marr had no choice but to feel very happy. The newspaper asked him to review Li’s paper, and he did not hide his feelings in writing his answers. On January 22, 2020, he wrote, “This work is critical in defending the existing theory about how infectious diseases spread in dots and aerosols.”

Even when he wrote his own words, the meaning of Li’s work was not mere speculation. A few hours later, Chinese authorities stopped marching and leaving the city of Wuhan, in an attempt to catch an undisclosed infectious disease burning through a megalopolis of 11 million people. As the epidemic closed in on countries and states, the WHO and the CDC urged people to wash their hands, clean their hands and stay away. He said nothing about masks or the dangers of staying indoors.


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