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Taylor Swift’s battle to remove the suit

In an argument with his photography company in the 1990s, Prince painted a “slave” on his face and said: “If you do not have your masters, they are your masters”.

When he wanted to control his career, he threatened to make a new copy of his “masters”, or original song notes, among other things. It took 20 years, but in the end, Warner Records gave him control.

Taylor Swift has fought a bitterly similar world war on a secret equity fund owned by her masters. Looks like for the second time this season, the pop star will win the battle with a suit.

Shamrock, a Los Angeles-based fundraiser founded by the Disney family in 1978, is usually smart and caring, according to the people he worked with. But Shamrock made one big mistake by agreeing to buy the old Swift masters for $ 300m: his commitment to retaliation.

Review: Swift had an argument with Scott Borchetta, a senior who “found him” in a Nashville bar. Borchetta sold his Big Big Machine company, which owned his masters, to Scooter Braun, a former manager of Kanye West.

Swift spoke of his sale, saying “to take away” his career. He announced plans to re-record all purchased albums. “It’s something I enjoy,” the singer, smiling broadly at signing the red femme-fatale lips, told the ABC morning show as fans scream in the background. Unsurprisingly, Braun and his aides who joined Carlyle recently wanted to give up the money.

While shopping for masters around, he told potential buyers that Swift would not comply with his threats, and his advertising only increased the listening of an old book, according to three people who approached to buy the item.

“The message was: the conflict has been huge for us. Every time we turn on the internet, people go to listen to the music,” said one of the protesters. ” their life and remodeling old jobs?

As it turned out, Swift’s commitment to a higher level has led to the most exciting experiment in modern music history. One of the most successful entrepreneurs in the last decade is struggling to make its first six editions. There have been examples of famous artists recording new versions of their songs, such as Frank Sinatra and Def Leppard. But those cases were not yet over. Swift’s newer models are now closer to the secret music of people’s phones.

This week Swift released her second re-released album, a separate 2012 album. Red. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. That price includes the costs that Braun and Carlyle pay if the item hits other targets, according to people who are familiar with the contract. Except for the profit, the price is around $ 250m.

Swift Guide earns about $ 15m a year, according to people who have seen its value. That’s why a Shamrock price of $ 250m works to multiply approximately 16 or 17 of its old costs.

Its long-term value is reduced not only by Swift, but also by its powerful pen, Universal. Campaign Red (Taylor’s Version) looks at the line of trade, the official TikTok filters, the dialogue form and the Starbucks commercial in stores from Seoul to Mexico City.

Swift’s followers have written detailed training preventing Shamrock music from accidentally popping up on their Spotify feed. As the songwriter for her song, Swift has the potential to accept these new genres for use in films and commercials.

Swift earlier this year released a new album for 2008 Without fear. After the initial surgery, it still overcomes the old type, according to MRC data. New Without fear was played 9m during the week of October 21, compared to the previous 6m streams.

“In order to make a lot of money from the music you need, if you do not agree with the experts, you need to not be too angry,” said the fundraiser who managed to buy the list.

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