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Tata India was forced to resume after a court victory over Mistry

Ratan Tata, the ancestor of one of India’s most prominent churches, wrote a letter to fellow Pallonji Mistry monarchs on the relationship between their two families, formed not only by business but almost a century ago even by marriage.

“The bond that we all have for one another and the trust that we have for one another strengthens real and lasting relationships,” Father wrote in 1991, according to court documents. Let me repeat that I will not do anything unknowingly to hurt you or your family. ”

Thirty years later, the statement is read as the first verses of Shakespeare’s grief after their relationship was shattered by one of the biggest controversies in India’s recent corporate history.

Since the British colonial rule, the Mistrys have helped the Tati to form their own independent movement in India. The needs of the company go through many stages combined tea, flight and undersea ropes, where resources combine Nyamazi Land Rover and its British metallurgy makes it one of the most employers in the UK.

But dramatic family feuds after Pyrus Pallonji’s son Cyrus was ousted as the Father of Children in 2016, made one of the worst headlines in the group’s history. A bitter war for many years expires last month when the Supreme Court ruled in Father’s favor, rejecting Cyrus’ request that their removal was unlawful.

However for Tata Group, now comes the most difficult part. First, it has to swap contracts to buy part 18 of Mistrys and sever ties. Next, it has to turn a lot of resources that are counter-productive, non-commercial and arriving late in growing areas such as the growth of Indian markets and consumers.

“You can’t look at Tata’s team as a modern group,” said someone close to the company. “Most importantly [thing] they express themselves. ”

The families of Tata and Mistry come from the Indian subcontinent of Parsi, followers of Zoroastrianism who came to the subcontinent from Persia more than 1,000 years ago. Parsi merchants including Tata did well during the British Raj era in the trade of opium, textile and metal manufacturing.

Communication between the two families began about 100 years ago. According to the 2019 book, Shapoorji Pallonji Group, a construction company run by his grandfather Cyrus, became a company approved by Tata. Tata vs Mistry and Deepali Gupta. Shapoorji Pallonji caught several of Daddy’s children in the next few decades.

This is the great connection that Cyrus Aloo’s sister married to his brother Ratan Tata Noel.

But their relationship deteriorated when Cyrus replaced Ratan as chair in 2012, a dispute that ended four years after he was fired. Cyrus said he was wrongly fired for refusing Ratan’s intervention and that the Tata Group violated the rights of Mistry as a minority shareholder.

He also criticized the group for its unusual ownership and said that it was failing miserably. The Tata Sons company has most of the Tata Tr trust, a group of support bodies in which Ratan resides.

Meanwhile, Tata Group, claims the removal of Cyrus is the result of a negative correction.

Cyrus Mistry, left, and Ratan Tata

Cyrus Mistry, left, and Ratan Tata in 2012, when they served together on the Tata Group © Subhankar Chakraborty / Hindustan Times via Getty

While Trusts-backed information reinforced the conglomerate’s reputation as a well-run, well-executed group, critics including Cyrus said the incident was not transparent and allowed Ratan and the trustees to mismanage the business.

Delivering her verdict last month, the Supreme Court dismissed the Mistrys case, comparing Cyrus to “a man who tries to burn down his house without getting what he thinks is acceptable for him”.

Both refused to respond. But after the verdict, Ratan stated that he had been convicted of “continual revolt against my integrity and organizational procedures”. Tata Sons said “it will continue its efforts to uplift the country and build business”.

Cyrus said he was disappointed but “will sleep with a clear conscience”.

Observers, however, said Dad’s team did not come out unscathed.

“It was a steady drama. Tata’s history was built… On an external image of fair and consistent management that did not affect personal disputes,” said Mircea Raianu, a University of Maryland historian who analyzed the group. “This has led people to question whether having regular trustees is a good thing.”

The case also highlighted Tata’s mixed history, including the difficulties he encountered in the UK Corus Steel in 2007 and JLR in 2008. Mistrys said Dad had contributed to “the biggest damage in the history of Indian companies”.

Corus wrecks at Port Talbot in Wales, where he has failed to break in a ten-year career, it has become a big business and a political head. JLR seeks a major electrical repairs about his business being left behind by other car manufacturers.

Critics said that despite their labyrinthine interest, the group still relied on Tata Consultancy Services, an IT group that derives its biggest profits.

“You need to shut down an unsustainable business,” said Nirmalya Kumar, an ideological director led by Cyrus. “You need to know which businesses we can make a difference to, and stand out from the rest.”

TCS is Tata's most lucrative source

Natarajan Chandrasekaran, who took the throne in 2017, worked hard to strengthen the group’s structure, revitalize its international economy and re-launch India’s fast-growing online marketplace, along with the “super app” of ecommerce.

Some researchers suspect that a high-debt group can continue to compete in participating competitions such as the US ecommerce group Amazon or an Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani‘S Reliance on Companies.

Tata Sons “has done great things in the past, but when the seller sees it he will look back,” said Girish Kuber, a newspaper editor and author of a book about Tata. “This is going to be a problem. Finding a balance between what they consider to be important and difficult issues in society ”

The Mistrys Shapoorji Pallonji Group, whose interest remains in construction and materials, is facing serious challenges.

It was in crisis when India went into lockdown last year. The group was forced last month to repay more than Rs100bn ($ 1.3bn) by those who borrowed it through an emergency outbreak.

The two groups are expected to negotiate to buy the Shapoorji Pallonji price in Tata Sons, which Mistry believes is worth more than Rs1.75tn. Dad, however, said his share was less than half the space.

One option Mistrys chose was to switch to a parent company to share with the listed companies, such as TCS. A different possibility is to bring a lender for another.

But people close to each side doubted whether bad blood years would allow them to find an answer on a different basis. Dad “won”, said one of the men. “Will they be incredibly successful, or great?”

Another concern was that the relationship could be strained, leading to a return to court and public appearance.

“No party wants to be with the others,” said one consultant. “Possibly, you will have the following charges at stake. Let’s hope it doesn’t get there. But in that case, the only winners you will have are lawyers. ”

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