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Tamiya’s Wild One RC car is back as you can drive


The 80’s were a golden age of radio-driven cars that saw the most sophisticated equipment going to the public. Fast forward today, and the unforgettable thrill of chasing small cars continues very entertaining and was modified in the game, especially in Rocket League and Nintendo’s Mario Kart Live: Home Area. Now, the British company is taking things in stride creative a large RC truck that you can drive.

Small Car Company

What’s comingTall One Max“is an 8/10-color 1985 model built by The Little Car Company in collaboration with Tamiya. autoblog, its trailer is about 138 inches long and 71 inches wide, which is as long as the Fiat 500 and as long as the Volkswagen Golf. Depending on its design, it features a polycarbonate bath chassis and a steel cage that is suspended by coilovers and filled with oil and suspended at the back of the arm. The trailer also carries 15-inch wheels and Brembo disc liquid brakes on each corner.

Tamiya Wild One Max

Small Car Company

The fully compact image has a top speed of 30 mph, with a fixed battery that lasts about 25 miles and can be recharged with rechargeable brakes. While not a burnout, the Wild One Max comes with a number of features that can cause speed, suspension and brakes. The goal is to restore the ability to upgrade RCs using additional features. The Little Car Company also promises three packs that have made the car road legal in the US and Europe. This will come with stop lights, lighting signals, reflectors and rear view mirrors.

Wild One Max costs about $ 8,250, excluding tax, and available pre-order now. For sale in 2022.

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