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Take a Look at the Deep Sea and Real Sea Writers


We love the sea so much science here at WIRED, and we have the information to prove this. From amazing fish, not really visible and the highest point underwater that A real voyage under the sea and difficulties in protecting the sea, it is possible to say that we like to think about the lands under the oceans and what the lands might await us in the deep waters of the ice of Jupiter, Europe, and the moon of Saturn, Enceladus.

Since we can’t visit the site, we need to explore the oceans of the game Subnautica: Under Zero, officially launched Friday May 14. This survival game takes what might be like a sticking in an icy sea, surviving using the resources available at its deepest point. But who can tell us what the realities of marine exploration look like, especially the difficulties of exploring the world’s oceans perhaps, than experts in National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, who is currently doing this research?

We asked them to write to us on our voyage, talk to us about the explorer they want to go, what they like to do to navigate marine robots, what they hope to find or learn on their voyage, and how it would be to create and navigate such robots. Sounds like fun? Deal with us here or directly on our Twitch channel, 7 pm Eastern time, 4 pm Pacific.

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